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Oh hey there, I'm Brianna
but you can call me
I'm 16 years old.
I have an amazing boyfriend named
I spend majority of my life either on Witty or The Sims.
As you can see, I rarely ever post quotes -
imagination is booty.
Soooo anywho, if you have a story and you'd like me 
to read it, you're welcome to ask me.
I don't bite c:
Kay, bye. x


Quotes by starmoonplay

Making friends in high school is harder than I thought it would be.

The only good thing about having your
period on Valentine's Day
is the
HUGE amounts of

That depressing feeling you get
when you're trying to talk to your
but he's doing everything in his power
avoid you.

just me ?

Really depressed right now.
I'm,like, one of the nicest people in my school.
But according to a few of my friends,
nobody likes me - everyone hates me.

Right when I heard this , my smile turned into
a frown , and I began to bawl my eyes out.

Why do people judge based off appearance only?
What is this world coming to?


Gosh ,
I wish I would grow some lady balls
and finally build up the confidence
to ask you out.




We act like a couple.
We talk like a couple.
We look like a couple.
But we aren't a couple.
We should change that REAL soon.


Honey ,
will you please stop giving off mixed signals .
'Cause I hate being led on.

( come at me bro <3 )

Potatoes have skin.
I have skin.
Therefore , I like cows .

( come at me bro )

I'll talk to him if I want to.
I don't need your permission , honey.

come at me , bro.

day 12- when you hear this song you cry
Just A Dream - Carrie Underwood .