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hey there flawless! okay so im victoria and i made this account to help you guys so if you have issues like cutting eating disorders family issues sucidel thougts or anything like that you can talk to me and ill do my best to help you umm anyways im 14 years old im a dancer i like cats and food, i also hate it when people tell me im pertty or complement me in anyway i just feel like i dont deserve it but anyways so yeah i think thats about it if you want to know more just ask!

Quotes by staystrongthingsgetbetter

I don't care
if you have cuts on your arms,legs or anywhere on your body
i still love you.

I want to go back to kndergarden
 when i would wake up and not worry about my hair,makeup or what i was wearing
when i would go to school and everyone was friends no one would judge anyone
when my biggest problem was someone stealing my crayon
when i didnt have to worry what people thought of me
when i didnt have to worry about my weight
when i didnt look at others and go why can i be pretty like that
when i didnt care about anything and i just did what made me happy .


but I mean who would be in love with me?
that's stupid.


 Never underestimate
the pain  of   anyone w because truth is,
everyone is struggling its just some

[{   h i d e   i  t  b e t t e r }]

I wish  
my weight was as low as my self esteem.

The word beautiful
 dose not require the word skinny.

cyou think you want to die
 ut in reality you just want to be saved.

 She has acne
  do you think she chose to have red spots all over her face

 Her nose is big 
who cares do you expct her to go get plastic surgery
She  has braces
well i have never meet someone who got  them just for fun

Her hair is frizzy
  have you ever thought some people dont like to fry their hair with a strightner

 Shes not a size 0

sorry not all of us can be perfecty skinny 


dear anyone with a low self esteem

you are beyond beautiful i love the freckles on your nose they bring out the colors in your eyes.Your hair frames your face perfectly.your laugh is contagious an will always make somoeone smile.Those scars on your writs they shown me you have fallen.That sparckle in yor eyes when you smile shows me you have picked yourself back up. Your smile is drop ded gorgeous,wer it more often. Who gives a stuff if you have acne? Who cares if you overweight or underweight, tall or short, tan or pale, a cup or d cup? Someone thinks your beautiful just the way you are and that someone is me. I wish you could love yourself the way i love you, the way your friends love you, the way your family loves you.
i love you.