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The name is Stefanie. I'm 14, te youngest out of three. I live in Michigan, and I love to read. My birthday is on Halloween. I love my friends and family with all I've got. I play the piano and the cello. I'm Romanian. I love to sit around and listen to music and block out the rest of the world. My favorite color is blue. I love soccer and I play for my high school:3 I have a witty friend and her name is Stefanie(puoplerox2010) just like moi:D FOLLOW FOR A FOLLOW? Be sure to drop a comment. Peace out.

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Obama is going to win
...until the Republicans get off work.

It was  my birthday yesterday:D
now I can finally change how old I am on my profile.
Whenever I see a white van, I always walk faster and then stare at it suspiciously after it passes me.



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I wasn't that drunk!

Dude, you kissed my glitter lamp and said, "Ohhhh Edward I finally found you!"

I wasn't that drunk!

Dude, you were cracking eggs and yelling, "GAGA I KNOW YOU'RE IN THERE!"

I wasn't that drunk!

... You pointed at a broken pipe in the loos and shouted, "I've found the entrance to the Chamber of Secrets!!!"

I wasn't that drunk!

Dude, you were shaking my dog saying, "Come out Jacob... don't be shy."

I wasn't that drunk!

Dude, you were wearing my hat whispering "Please not Slytherin!"