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welcome to my profile(:
My name is Stef
no ph; it has an f[;
Jersey's where it's at(:
 Well i'm 14 and i blow them candles out on November 5th!  basketball is my LIFE♥ as well as Jonas Brothers, no matter what anyone says. i'm very talkative, immature, & crazy so comment & get to know me :D.
xmakesmestronger27x gives the BEST advice
emlovesthebiebs always makes me smile(:
usagainsttheworld is the sweetest girl ever.♥
iloveyuxoxo iloveryangosling♥ 
i love all of them with all my heart!♥
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Quotes by stefthebest27


rap is like scissors-
it always loses to rock


i fell in love with you because
you loved me when
i couldn't love myself 
when i look at the stars,
i think of you.


she was everything i wasn't,
and that's why everyone loves her 
and forgets about me.

Format by Forevermine143

     i'd gladly give up my

Christmas if it meant the kids

in Connecticut could live to

experience another one. 


How did i go from that little five year old,
always happy & always this?


i miss you.
Then, i remember what a douche you were
 and how awesome i am.

then i'm like, 
“No. i'm good.”


I saw thsadness
in your eyes but i
didn't know what to say

i couldn't think of anything to say
that would take your pain away
so i kept on saying in my head,
"i'm sorry, i'm sorry, i'm sorry"


knowing that i can't do anything
to make you happy
or at least feel better

My Boyfriend♥

Happy two year anniversary babbby!!<3333 i love you forever and ever and everrr (: :*** you are the best girlfriend i could ever ask for you are just perfecctt you are all i need to livee and now we are one year closer to that forever(: its been soo lonngg yet i still feel the way i did the day i fell in love with youu :) i wanna be with you foreverr and i wanna live with you foreverr<3 iloveyouuuSteeff i will never ever let you gooo