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Hey I'm Steph, IM BACK GUYS<3 but I'm wayy to lazy to make this pretty right now so check out my other accound myownworstenemy or my bestfriend emilyandthatsall or her other acct TurtleRawr

Quotes by stephandthatsall


After spending months wishing...
He told me he likes me and he's my  valentine this year!



When you look at me,

What do you see? A happy girl, or the real me,
A genuine smile, or a covered up story,
Sparkly eyes, or eyes full of tears
Someone with no harmful thoughts, or someone depressed a lot,  
I wonder who sees, a happy girl, or the real me.


Credit: FaveFormats

Why do I even try,
Just to cry,
Because no one loves me,
Because all my friends leave me,
I don't deserve them,
I can never do anything right.

This quote is for the best guy ever. Fee I love you even tho you lied. please please please please please please please please please please please


I love you so so so so so so so so so  so so so so much!
Without you being here for me I'll perbably get depressed. I still love you smarty♥ you need to come back! I forgive you I promise! Juse please come back! I love you!

This quote was made for livingwithsquirrelsinalaska

I'm going to see the first guy I've ever loved in a week from today...

Lets      just       say......        I'm          Scared          l I'll         love      him         again..... . .

I feel so much destruction in everything that you do,
Anger is creeping in my watch I dont explode on you. My rage it comes so quickly one spark and I will ignite self harming mutilation,
cuts deep but the pain feels s right Take it out on me ~ Bfmv



I Really Like Someone....
Too Bad He'll Never Know That I Like Him, And He'll Never Like Me Back...



Anyone want to talk to me?? I'm really bored. I'd love have some new friends :L anyone interested?