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Steph here. I know what you're all going through, I'll always be here. You're all beautiful.

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A psychic was talking to a ghost.

Psychic:What's the cause of your death?
Ghost: I was struck by a car trying to help someone.
Psychic: Why did you do that?
Ghost: Because I didn't want my love getting hurt.
Psychic: Maybe she's sad now because you're dead?
Ghost: No, she's happy now...
Psychic: Why?
Ghost: Because the one that I saved, is the man she loves...


Chapter 1

It was the first day of school, I walked into my second hour and saw all the kids in my class. There's few I don't know, but then I saw my best friend Cali. Her long black hair was laying across the table as her head was down. I walked over and dropped my stuff on the floor "Hi beautiful" I said to Cali 
"Hi cutie!" She replied flinging her hair up. 
I sat down and smiled the bell rang and the final kids walked into the room. I looked around one more time and saw him. He has long-ish thick blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes. He walked over towards me and sat right next to me. 
"Hi" he said with a smile "I'm new to this school, I'm Nick."
"Hi, I'm Regan." I said staring into his blue eyes. 
"Regan." He said repeating "I like that name." He said smiling. 
I giggled as the teacher started role call. She had finished calling names. Then she asked us to one by one stand up in front of the class and say our name and one thing about us. She called me up first and one of the pervs that I've known for 2 years now hit my butt and said "damnn..." 
I have him the nastiest state I could make at the moment. 
"Hi! I'm Regan!" I announced, "I'm a gymnast."
I walked back to my seat avoiding Jared, the perv, I made it back to my seat and say by Nick. My teacher had then called him up. He walked up as Cali whispered "Damn! He's super hot!" 
"Back off" I said kiddingly.

Sorry for any mistakes, I'm writing this on my phone.


If I tell you I've moved on,
I'm  lying.


Whoa, hold up!

We're all supposed to die the 21st, correct?
But, the 21st comes before the 25th.
That means NO Christmas.
Can't we at least move our death date to like the 29th?
Or we could just move Christmas to like...tomorrow.
I mean that works for me too.

i just met the hottest stranger on omegle..we talked for 20 mins...and i thought that he was different..but then HE ASKED ME TO GET NAKED AND I HAD TO DISCONNECT!! guys i swear !
We all have suicidal thoughts, we just don't tell anyone because we're scared of what they will think.
My chewing is louder than my TV.  :/
i want you now!!!
Relising you love him(:
I can't wait to see him tomorrow(: