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What I should be doing: Cleaning my room, homework,reading,studying.
What I am doing: Witty 

i have no life

i think my mum just called me fat, without realising it. :(

even though ive known you for only a short time, i feel as if you are like my sister.i have seen you cry, watched you laugh, learnt from you, taught you things - i feel like im a little kid when im with you
you've brought out the best in me.
you make me laugh and smile.
i feel like i can be myself around you.

when i think about you,
i think about one of the strongest, most amazing people i've ever met.
you are one of those people that others never really get, because you're never really the same.
 you're always changing

i know you've been going through a lot of s**t lately.
and you know what?
its going to pass.
tommorow you'll be fine.
we're going to get through this together.
just you and me

and look,
im never going to know how much you care and love about him,
and how much you think about him
but when you cry, im going to cry with you.

venessa i freakin love you and you need  to know how much you mean to me.
best friends forever ( i know that sounds a little cheesy ) <3

PS: boys are d**ks, us girls we have to stick together ;)

my diet:

healthy eating eg snack vegetables, lunch= wrap, dinner= smaller portions of things.
150 squats everynight.
no sweet things.

hopefully it works!!
i just wasted half an hour deciding on how to wear my school winter uniform. half an hour of trying on and mixing and matching.

and i said looks dont matter.

thats all that matters in our society these days.
the moment your heart stops when you think you've lost your phone.

life is gone.
Me: (Making a hot chocolate)
Dad: You really need to watch what you're eating.

Me: I'm never speaking to you again.

We fear rejection,
Want attention,
Crave affection
and dream of perfection.

Sometimes it's easier to say hello to the people we hate, then saying goodbye to the people we love.