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Heyy,welcome to my witty profile! My name is Stephanie, but I prefer Steph:) ohkayy well i am 14& in the 9th grade. I play basketball & i do dance. I also love to tweet;) follow me! @stephxx4  I do follow back!:D
I absolutely love all my friends<3
Besties that have a witty are:
Michaela(bff since forever)- ml2797m
Sidnee(hilarious)- sydneey
Stephaniie(amazing)- Mlieminem
Julia(my sis) - xxjuliaxx02
kayla(soo nice) - kaylerbayler
nikki(known her since 4th)- x3wittyfades
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     &  who else wonders
     if any celebrities secretly own a witty...



    Who here knows&loves 
    the amazing
    C    o    d    y               S       i     m      p     s      o       n                     and              G      r     e    y      s  o      n          C   h    a   n     c    e   ?    <3 

     Dear top quote with 1177 faves, 

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    Dear person driving in the other car,
       You might want to do your makeup another time...

                           Scared of getting in an accident. 

     Silly Rabbit,
    Trix are for kids! 

    Seeing an old man with a white beard and automatically thinking it's Santa Clause

     When you scream 'mom' in a store & like 12 women look at you and respond.



    when Spongebob comes across Osama's body

       nmf (♥)


     But hold your breath because tonight will be the night that I will fall for you, over again
    Don't make me change my mind, or I wont live to see another day I swear it's true.
    Because a girl like you is impossible to find
    You're impossible to find.


    Those hilarious nicknames you come up with
    for cute boys you see when you're with friends

    *not my format