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Hi, i'm Stephanie and i'm still trying to figure my life out.

well were the hell do i start,stitch? stephanie is the most gorgeous creature walking this planet. i dunno how it happened but we started talking and totally clicked. i've began to trust people again because of you. sounds cliche, but the truth. even though it sucks being so far away we are going to meet eventually, so. your seriously my true best friend. i can trust you with anything and we talk like were sisters. about our lives, debating on what to nickname eachother, summer, and the one we all enjoy the most, boys(; im glad your back and i finally wrote this hack so.. yah I LOVE YOU STEPHANIE. ight -leelo

heey, heey, heeeeeeeyy, baaybaay. ♥ 
ohmybutt, do you know how perf you are?
like, its not even deniable ok. c: 
so, your face? yeah, its asdjfafkjash
gorgeous ok. ♥ i mean seriously, 
you can stop being so beautiful now.~ 
lol, ok. iloveyou, bby. you're my loser foreverr. ♥ 
everything about you is perf.
you help me with everything & i love you for that. 
you're the best loser ever, bby. ♥
iloveyouuu. ♥ 
- Your Loser, Sarah. ♥

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