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Growqinq up & learninq to do thinqs for myself. 
No one can tell yu how to live yr life,
so yu jus have to do yr best and pray tht'll pay off..

Jesse Scott Snyder; 61910<3
ilovethisboyy ;-* 
Over 2 years & countinq :)


Quotes by stfuhoex7

Christmas music fer a straiqht month is overkill..
-->Stunnin is a habit; qet like me ♥<--


Parents just don't understand </3
they don't get why you go to bed crying 
they don't get why you wear makeup
they don't get why you hangout with the people you do
they don't get the pain your going through
they don't get that your you and they cant change that

*not minee, NO creditt.*
My Heart Aint on yr DICK;
so Stop playin' wid ittt!

Yut, its true.
sisters n basically conjonined at the hipp :)
gotta love yu
all i need are these boys <3 :)

Boyfriend: matt<3
Best Friend: pj
Big Brother: tylar
Goofball: Jesse
Cr3w:Kev,Kyle,Zac, Howie
Odd Ball:Bill
Happy i met:Chris,Zach,Gabe,Alex,Kyle,Nick b,Nick d.
Bus buddy:Phil
SuperHero: Cody

love u guys <3
dnt mess wid my man,            
i'll b the one 2 break it 2 yah.
:) <3                                               
dnt worry hunn, i wnt get too attached;
ppl come n go 2 frequently. </3