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Haii guyyz, i dont come on here that much anymore but stilll leave me a comment & i will get back to you sooon, xo. 
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dont think your beautiful? well think again!
thank you guys so much, my goal for the summer has been 100 followers, all you girls and guys are completly amazing :D i love you
 just some amazing people; drop them a comment(:
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HACKING! okay so i met this gorgeous girl,kayla, in 6th grade & we went to a party at the beach together(: we had the pig at yum yum's[: mmmm. so this is a nifty layout that kayla made? SO YEAH! kayla and i started to not talk in 7th grade because we weren't on the same team and we had no classes ): but now we started talking again(: in fact, today we talked for 3 straight hours! yeah were cool. so we both hope carol calls us and tells us our homerooms! like dude, we need to know! i hope were in the same homeroom because if not, then we will never talk/: WE SHOULD SIT AT THE SAME LUNCH TABLE?! remember our ed hardy bracelets? well my sister took mine/: waaaahh. lol & flying down the shore & cookie monsters. then you guys locked me in that weird room. and i was so weird then. but kayla makes me laugh & her pictures are so cute ! lol that sounded creepy, but the one with the watermellon.
i'm getting off track! ahh.  so i decided to not post in the scroll box because it wasn't working for me! 
GAH.  i wanted to make this long but i'm running out of things to say.  it is currently 10:15 right now.  waaaaay past my bedtime.  i go to bed at 8.  LOL JK.  but kayla is so pretty & i know she'll listen to me when i need her too, even though we began talking again like 3 days ago... lol looks like a drowning man and *lol* looks like a drowning cheerleader, HAHAHAH.  well i LOVEE kayla's profile because it is cauutee! i feel like a total badass because i'm on your witty.. BUT YOU GAVE ME THE PASSWORD & your on mine!
LOLZ.were so cool.  
& kayla's quotes are amazziinnngg !!!!!!! lol i like using '!' 

this is kind of long?!?!?!? i hope so.   but all i said was some random stuff.
omfg i really want a panda.  like they're so cool!!
well kayla is so cool, to cool for words.  
& imma go now!

wittyforever aka haley(:

alyssa here. :3 be jealous. i get to hack this gorgeous girl. < 3 :DD
alright. about kayla. where do i start? well, she's gorgeous for one. hilarious. she always makes me smile/+laugh when we chat. my notifications were filled with "Kayla **** posted on your wall" the other day. then "Kayla **** likes your picture" the next. :DD i'm not saying her last name because. ya know. CREEPERS. o: :o she reminds me of hello kitty. cute. adorable. cute. yeah yeah yeah. no homo though brah. O: xD spongebob and mr. krabbs are singing a duet on my aunt's tv. o.o they should never go on american idol. :D Kayla is so amazing. words just cannot describe her amazing awesomeness. don't pass up a chance to talk to her. you will never regret it if you leave her a comment. ever ever evaaarrrhh. YOU'RE A TRUE UE UE UEEE FRIENDDD. YOU'RE HERE TILL THEE END.. YOU PULL ME ASIDE WHEN SOMETHIN AIN'T RIGHT SOMETHING SOMETHING SOMETHING. I DON'T REMEMBER THE WORDS.. YOU'RE A TRUEEE FRIEND. kayla is a true friend. hannah montanna is a god. :DDDDDDDDD ohdearlordimaloser. okbyenows. i luff you KaylaSaur. byeee. < 3 xD -Alyssa.  

So im Extremely happy to be able to write about this amazing girl :) Whats her name you ask?
Don't wear it out yo ;) Kayla is one amazing girl. She is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous. Like for real :) She is a good friend. She can make you smile everytime you talk to her :) Or laugh.. SSSSSSSAAAAAAALLLLLLLAAAAAAADDDDD. :D i havent known kayla quite that long so we dont have all that many insiders but i do know that you should tlak to this girl fave her quotes and follow her. give her like 8594859485 notifications. YUPP. THAT MANY. :D sooo i told my friend i was gonna hack youu and he was all "why are you hacking her? o.O" "What are you going to do? o.O" "BE NICE EMMA." and i was like always nie to Kayla!
STAY AWESOME ;D -Emma :) (thatgirlemmak) 

whyy ellooo goveennaaa.. loollz,thatt was stuppidd.. well its graciee here... cheerbabe46810
justt thee ussuall.. hackkiinggg mahhh B!+( \-\ kayyllaaa ovveerr huur.. I MIISSSS YAA GUURRL... funn timmess innn hoomerroomm witth yuu knooww whoooss.... hehehehe i love this gurl so much right heree and there will be an issue if i hear you are messing with her in any way.  CAN'T WE ALL JUST BE BIFFLES?? loollzz.. well kayla is the nicest gurl i have ever met in the whole entire world.  like legit.  i didnt know hur in 6thh grade and she was in my homeroom in seventh and i walked right in to homeroom rockinng my vera bradley bag(cause i thought i was cool) and sat my ass right down next to her.  then we got switched around and suchh.. buut we still becamee besttiiieeeess.. i cann go to kaylaa withh anythingg..  she givess the bestt advice, and if she can't relate to your problem, shes still a good listener!! i loooovvveee kaaylaa witth a burrninngg passiioonn.. sheesss supperrrr cuttee too, ifff yaa askk mee..(; looollzzz... welll withh beiinngg supperr cutee and SOOOO nicee, kayllaa is allssoo pretty funny.. well most of the time you just lauugh because whatever she said was really stupiidd.. but whaatevvaa ahahahha loolllzzz.. i hoppee mee and kayllaa are in the same homeroommm.. blahahahahahahha.... shess hackiinn mee righht nooww soo we'll goo see whaat shee saidd.. loollzz.. FOLLOW.FOLLOW.FOLLOW.  YOU KNOW YOU WANNA..

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follow my instagram: kayla_fili
follow my instagram: kayla_fili

It's Thanksgiving and I know it, 

gooble, gobble, gobble, gobble, gobble. YEAH!



This girl needs a




my fourteenth

birthday is today, can i get fourteen faves for fourteen amazing years? thankkss guuyyyss(:







he kissed me in the pouring rain...


truee stoorry .





How i wish falling inlove had
traffic lights.

so that i could know if i should
go for it,  slow down,
or just stop.


when i was your age,

That "L" on your forehead meant       
loser, not glee.


 can you buy that on  k i n d l e ?


 "I don't want to be OBAMA self."