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Oh hey. The name's Madeline.

Quotes by stingergirl1989

Everyone on here takes everything way too seriously.

I'm jealous of anyone who's hugged you, 

Because, for a second, they've held my entire world. 


Confession 29
I'm a Twitter-friend person.
If you follow me, I'll talk to you and
make friends with you. :)

Confession 28
I get really lonely, which leads 
me to realizing no one wants me.

Confession 27
I love Holly Madison.

Confession 26
I listen to the same song at least three times
a day. I love it, and I'll never be sick of it.

Confession 25
I've been scared to death of clowns since I 
was a little kid.

Confession 24
I'm not really good at anything.

Confession 23
I may or may not be addicted to Tumblr..
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