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i love you, i hate you,

Hi! My name is Sarah. I'm 16, I came to witty
almost 3 years ago on a different account and it has
helped me out so much to deal with life. I have
a bunch of other private accounts, so I only write
some stuff on here but I hope you like it.
Talk to me! I'd love to help you girs out with
whatever you need. <3


they're still being written...


your voice was the soundtrack to my summer,
do you know you're unlike any other?
you'll always be my thunder, and i said
your eyes are the brightest of all the colors
i don't wanna ever love another,
you'll always be my thunder♥

i miss you </3
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I don't look out windows at night.

because i know if i do there's gonna be a freaking scary face that says

imma kill you mothafuuckaa!


This quote does not exist.

Cop : "Lets do a drug test"

Me: "Cool,which drugs are we testing?"

I'm Straight.
But I'm dyeing my hair rainbow colors because I want to support gay pride {:
Do you think it's a good idea?:D

For every fave, a confession.. 


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 That awkward moment:

When you realize one day you have finish school and live a real life in a real world.



everyone wants to be your sun,
 but not me. i want to be your moon so i can light up your darkest moments when your sun isn’t around.


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Change the voices
in your head

make them like you

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