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Hey you! You wif da face!! :P
Hey guys! Selena here - i'm 15 going on 16 March 3rd :) super pumped!!I like basketball (best sport for me, i think), football, softball, lax, and nascar(:cuz i'm just that cool ;)I looove meeting new people so talk to mehh!!If you follow me, there's a high chance i'll follow you back, and who doesn't want more followers, right?? :PI LOVE music and I LOVE to sing. It's my gift; I hope to be a singer some day(:Sooo ermmm yeah, anything else has to go through my lawyer(;Byee<3
Current Status: bored and slightly depressed....Valentine's Day isn't my favorite, let's put it that way........    Relationship Status: single <3

i love you sooo much xolotsoflovexo!!!! <3 :D

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The best way to not get your heart


Is to pretend like you don't have one.


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take me away...

It's pathetic how...
every time I cry or get yelled at,
I immediately jump to the conclusion that:
I did something wrong;
That I'M at fault

even when I'm far from it...
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I want that someone

Who Will Be There For Me.
Who isn't embarassed to be seen with me.
Who will give me his sweatshirt, and laugh when its too big for me.
Who will laugh with me, not at me.
Who will hold me like nobody else can or ever will.
Who will kiss me in the rain, and make me feel like i can fly..
Who will sit and watch a movie with me, and not rush me into anything.
Who will Love Me for Me.

i want him.

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It hurts so much more
Than simple words can describe...

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And evertime i cry,
I seem to notice all my imperfections that much more.

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This is the day that never ends....
It just goes on and on my friends....

Did You Know That...?
We can passionately kiss someone withOUT swapping spit.

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You know what sucks?
How some people
get Top Quote
Cutheir quotes look cooler &
they are "popular" on here.

So much for equality.

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STOP talking to me
DROP the conversation
ROLL into a busy intersection