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Hey you! You wif da face!! :P
Hey guys! Selena here - i'm 15 going on 16 March 3rd :) super pumped!!I like basketball (best sport for me, i think), football, softball, lax, and nascar(:cuz i'm just that cool ;)I looove meeting new people so talk to mehh!!If you follow me, there's a high chance i'll follow you back, and who doesn't want more followers, right?? :PI LOVE music and I LOVE to sing. It's my gift; I hope to be a singer some day(:Sooo ermmm yeah, anything else has to go through my lawyer(;Byee<3
Current Status: bored and slightly depressed....Valentine's Day isn't my favorite, let's put it that way........    Relationship Status: single <3

i love you sooo much xolotsoflovexo!!!! <3 :D