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A Summer To Remember

Chapter 15

Our first game the next morning was ultimate Frisbee against Kelsey’s team. This was one game where I chose to sit out. I am terrible at anything to do with Frisbee’s. Something about a flying disc thrown at you wasn’t something I could wrap my head around. It was a close game but we pulled through. Of course they decided to blame me for the closeness of the game. No matter how many times I tell them they still won’t believe I’m not the good luck charm.
“Okay guys, time for lunch. Meet back here once you have all finished so we can get ready for our afternoon activity,” Anthony announced after we finished celebrating our win. “Sarah can you come with me for a minute.”
I turned towards Rosie and Katie with a look of confusion. They both shrugged and then pushed me towards Anthony. “Hey what’s up?”
“Follow me.” He started walking into the woods. I caught up with him and quickly our hands intertwined. We finally stopped at the lake where he had set up a blanket and a picnic basket.
“Anthony you didn’t have to do this. I would have been fine with the lunch they had here.”
“I know but I wanted to have one last lunch with you, alone.”
Today was only was only Wednesday and we don’t leave until Friday night. We still had two days. “But we still have tomorrow and Friday,” I pointed out.
“No, tomorrow is the camp barbeque and Friday we will be busy with the big obstacle course.”
I nodded in understanding. “Gotcha. Well then let’s eat.”
We sat down on the blanket and he pulled two sandwiches out of the basket. Throughout the whole lunch we sat there talking, laughing, and just having a good time with each other. That’s what I loved about being with Anthony. We could just sit and talk for hours without having those awkward silent moments. We always had something to talk about whether it was about our families or just something stupid that Rosie and Katie did that day.
“I think we need to start heading back,” Anthony said after he stopped laughing at some lame joke I told. Well tried to tell anyway, I completely ruined the whole joke. He held his hand out and pulled me up off the ground.
When we got back our team was already huddled up. I walked away from Anthony when Rosie and Katie waved me over. “So what did he do for you?” Katie asked.
“He took me for a nice picnic lunch,” I said with a smile.
“Awe he’s so sweet. I wish I could find a guy like that,” Rosie stated.
I couldn’t help but laugh a little. “Don’t worry you’ll find someone soon. I promise.”
“Alright team. So Zack’s team also won this morning. So we have to play him next at beach volleyball.”
Everyone groaned at what he said. I take it beach volleyball isn’t something my team is good at.
“But we stink
at volleyball. Every year we lose no matter what team we play. Especially Zack’s,” a girl named Jasmine said proving my last thought.
“So what if we lose. We will still be in first. Don’t worry about it too much,” Anthony said trying to lighten the mood.
Clearly next year we need to work on volleyball because we were terrible. No one on our team had any experience in the sport and we quickly lost. Like Anthony said, we were still in first but now only by 1 point. Tomorrow we definitely have to step up our game. Even thought we lost, we were still happy. We were just excited because we scored at least 10 points which apparently was a record for the team.
Anthony, Chase, and Jason came to our room to hang out a bit before we went to bed. We were sitting on the floor playing, or should I say trying to play, monopoly but Chase kept cheating and was stealing people’s money. After about another ten minutes Katie screamed and threw the board across the room saying she was tired of playing. We all burst out laughing at her overreaction and now that I think about it, as much as I wanted tomorrow to come, at the same time I wanted time to stand still so I would never have to leave these 5 amazing people that came into my life.
~~okay, so my schedule during the week is pretty hectic. I have soccer practice right after school until like 5:30 and then I have to do all my homework and shizzz, so lately I haven’t had much time to write. Hopefully I will be updating and maybe even finishing this story this weekend. I will be starting my next one as soon as I can once this one is finisheddd. (: and sorry for the shortness of this one. I kinda ran out of ideas for this chapter.

A Summer To Remember

Chapter 14

I stopped walking and told Rosie and Katie I would meet them back in the room. “What is it?” I asked turning around to face him.
“I was thinking,” he started.
I cut him off laughing. “Oh jeez that’s never

“Ha ha so funny,” he laughed a little before continuing, “Anyway I was thinking that since we don’t live to far apart from each other, we should set like a specific day every week to hang out. I mean that doesn’t have to be the only day but I’d love it if I could see you at least once a week.”
“I think I can manage that. Say Friday’s? It is the beginning of the weekend so there are more possibilities on what we can do.”
“Sounds great. Now you need to go to sleep. I don’t want you falling asleep in the middle of a game tomorrow, we need our good luck charm.” He smiled and gave me a hug and a kiss.
I rolled my eyes. When are they gonna stop saying that. “I’m not a good luck charm!” I yelled at him when he started walking away.
“Goodnight Sarah.” He said laughing.
I sighed. I was never going to win that argument anyway. “Goodnight Anthony.”
I went to bed that night and suddenly realized something. There were only three days left of camp left which a month ago I would have been jumping for joy over but now, I didn’t want those three days to ever end.
~~~okay I am SOOOOOOOOOO sorry I haven’t updated in like FOREVER, but I have a reasonable explanation. My computer was being all stupid and wasn’t working and I have been superrr busy because I’m getting ready for school. But have no fear, I should be updating more frequently once school starts because, believe it or not, I’ll have more time on my hands. So please bear with mee. (: 
and sorry for the two parts, witty wouldnt let it be one!!~~~

A Summer To Remember

Chapter 14

The next morning everyone got ready as fast as they could. I swear I thought people were going to start choking on their breakfast; they were sucking it up like vacuums. After finishing breakfast Rosie, Katie, and I made our way to the campfire area were a bulletin board was put up that showed the scores of each team. After yesterday our group was in the lead from winning both activities. My team still thinks they won against Zack’s because of me. They think I’m like a good luck charm. I personally think it’s all in their heads I’ve never been one for good luck. Zack and Christine’s team were tied for second and Kelsey was in last after losing both activities yesterday. Our group wasn’t too worried about Kelsey and Christine’s team, the real competition was Zack’s. It seemed that everyone on our team had an enemy on his team. I don’t know what went down previous years but something made them envy each other.
“Alright team,” Anthony started getting everyone’s attention, “First of all, great job yesterday. I really think we can win this year. Second, our first activity today is dodge ball against Christine’s team. Our second will be flag football against either Zack or Kelsey, depending on which team wins the swimming relay.”
“What if we lose dodge ball?” I asked. Everyone turned towards me and started laughing hysterically. “What’s so funny?”  
“Sarah, we have some of the strongest arms on this team. Yes Christine’s team has her fair share of jocks but we have like half a football team. There is no way we can lose.” Chase explained after his laughter faded.
“Well you could have just told me that instead of laughing in my face. Some friends you are.” I said glaring at Chase, Rosie, Katie and Anthony.
“Sorry.” They all muttered in unison.
“Alright so who’s ready to play some dodge ball?” I asked excitedly now. Everyone cheered and we walked to the gym where we were greeted by Christine’s team.
There were eight red rubber balls placed in a line in the middle of the court. Christine had her team in a huddle with all of them chatting quietly about some game plan. On the other hand, our huddle consisted of everyone just starring at each other in complete silence. “Come on guys we have got to have some kind of strategy to win,” Anthony said trying to get someone to come up with something.
“How about we just aim to hit them? Isn’t that the whole point of the game?”
“Sarah, it is a lot more than just throwing a rubber ball,” Chase started but I cut him off.
“No there isn’t. If we go into it just to have fun and play without any strategies or game plans we can easily win. They’ll be too worried about their own game plan and if we just attack they won’t see it coming,” I explained.
“She does have a point. I say we go with Sarah’s plan,” Katie responded raising her hand. A smile made its way to my face when everyone else raised their hands in agreement.
“I told you Sarah, you’re the key to winning this year,” Anthony whispered in my ear as the rest of the team took their positions on the court. I rolled my eyes and shook my head at him and jogged to my spot. He chuckled and blew his whistle to start the game.
It was a pretty intense game. But we pulled through when it was Chase and Jason against a girl named Kayla who had no sports talent whatsoever. The only reason she made it that far in the game was because she hid behind other people when the ball came her way.
We had a lunch break and afterwards went to check the bulletin board. “Looks like we’re playing…..Kelsey’s team?” Anthony said sounding surprised. “Zack you are not doing so well this year are ya.” He laughed playfully slapping Zack on the back. Zack shot him a glare which quickly cut off Anthony’s laughter.
Flag football was well, interesting. Let me just tell you it’s not our strongest point. We ended up losing, by a lot. But it didn’t really matter to us anyway because we were still ahead of everyone else. We just had to definitely step up our game tomorrow. It started getting dark and it was about time to head off to bed. “Alright guys. Not our best day but we can make up for the loss tomorrow. I’ll see you all bright and early,” Anthony said before our team headed off in different directions towards their rooms. “Sarah wait,”


A Summer To Remember

Chapter 12

I woke up the next morning at the sound of the alarm. Katie, Rosie, and I got ready and went to the dining hall to get breakfast. Everyone was talking about the tournament starting today. After breakfast we followed everyone outside. The whole camp was at the bonfire area. It looked just like the first day of camp. All the counselors were on a platform that was laid out in front of all the campers. Leslie had a microphone in her hand and she was explaining how exactly the tournament worked. Groups went head to head in various activities. Each activity is done by one person from each group. If you won, you got what they called “points” if you lose you get, well, nothing. You only did two activities a day. At the end of the week the two groups with the most points go against each other at an obstacle course. Everyone in the group takes part in the obstacle course. After all the safety rules and whatnot was discussed each group was lead to a designated area for team meetings and a place to put water and things of that nature.
“Ready for our first challenge?” Anthony asked our group.
Everyone nodded. “So what are we doing first?” a girl named Kristen asked.
 “I’m glad you asked. Our first activity is badminton against Kelsey’s group.”
Everyone started cheering when we answered. “Why is that so exciting?” I asked confused.
“Because every year Kelsey has like the worst badminton team.” Rosie answered.
“Yeah, you’re basically the automatic winner.” Katie added.
There was a volleyball net set up with two badminton rackets on either side. Seth and Caroline, two people from Kelsey’s group, were already on their side and ready to play.
After much discussion our group finally decided to chose Katie and a boy named Carson to play for our team.
Seth and Caroline could barely hit the birdie and Katie and Carson easily won the game and just like that our team received our first point.
During lunch everyone explained to me all the different kinds of activities and what player’s to look out for on all the teams. Apparently every single year the last two teams have been Anthony’s and Zack’s and Zack’s team always seems to pull through in the end and barely win. But this year, everyone thinks that we’re going to win, because of me. Yeah, it shocked me to, but they all have faith in me and, well, I’m going to try my best for my team.
After lunch Anthony went out and checked what we were doing next and against what team. “Alright team, go get into your bathing suits it’s time for some canoe racing.” He said with a smile. We all rushed to our rooms and slipped on our bathing suits.
Once we were all finished we all met at the lake. There were two canoes set up on the edge of the lake. What you had to do was simple. One person from each team gets into the canoe and paddles to marker in the water and then back to the starting point. First one back, obviously wins.
“So what team are we going up against?” Katie asked.
“Zack’s,” Anthony paused before continuing when he saw the faces the rest of our team was making, “Oh come on guys, so what if he beats us in this one every year. We can do this. Make this the year that turns everything around.”
“Yeah come on guys. Anything could happen. Think positive.” I encouraged.
“She’s right guys. If we believe we can win, we will win!” Chase yelled getting everyone pumped up.
We decided to choose one of the guys named Reese to play for our team. Reese was all ready in his canoe when Zack’s team finally showed up.
“’Bout time you showed up. Nervous we would kick your butt?” Anthony teased.
“Shut up we were finishing up our last event and I would never be nervous of your team when it comes to canoeing.” Zack answered confidently.
Their team picked a guy named Joe to race. Joe got into his canoe and looked over to Reese. Let me tell you, if looks could kill they would have killed each other 5 times already.
“Hey, what’s up with them? They look like they’re going to kill each other.” I whispered to Katie.
“They used to be best friend when they were younger and then something happened and now they hate each other’s guts.” She explained.
“What happened?”
“No one knows.”
“Racers ready?” Anthony asked Joe and Reese cutting me off from asking any other questions.
They both nodded and got into ready positions.
“Ready… set… GO!” and off they went, both with the intention to win.
I am so sorry for such the long wait. But with it being summer and all I have been hanging with friend and such, but I promise you I will be updating more often.
But anyway, these next few chapters will mostly be talking about the tournament and a lot of it will be explaining all the games they do so they may be a bit boring. On the other hand, I have a great idea for a new story so this one will be coming to an end shortly.

A Summer To Remember

Chapter 12 part 2

He nodded his head in agreement. “I wanted to talk to you about what’s going to happen after we leave here. I know that we don’t live far from each other, but it won’t be the same as seeing you every single day. I mean you’ll have school and I’ll have work what if we won’t be able to spend time together?”

“I only have school until 2 and you said you get out of work around like 3:30 everyday. We’ll still have plenty of time to spend together. We’ll make it work. Okay? Because I don’t want to lose you.”
“I don’t want to lose you either Sarah.”
The girls were right. This was nothing to worry about. We’ll just have to play it out and take one step at a time. I smiled at him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. “Come on, I have to go to bed. Early day tomorrow and I need my beautysleep.”
He laughed a little and started walking back.
We reached my door seconds later. He leaned down and gave me a light kiss. “Goodnight Sarah.”
“Night Anthony.” Right before I fell asleep my phone vibrated next to me. I opened my phone and the light blinded me but I could still make out the name that appeared on the screen.
Anthony <3: FYI you don’t need any beauty sleep. you’re already gorgeous. (:<3
Could he be any cuter? I closed my phone and fell asleep with a smile on my face.

~~Witty wouldnt let me make it wonone partt.~~

A Summer To Remember

Chapter 12 part 1

Weeks have passed and tomorrow was the first day of the tournament. I was a little nervous. I didn’t want to make a complete fool out of myself in front of the whole camp, but then again they have all known me for like two months so me doing anything out of the ordinary is pretty normal.
We just finished dinner and we were just hanging out in our room. “You excited for tomorrow?” Rosie asked me.
“Yeah but I’m also sad too.” I answered truthfully.
“Why’s that? It’s like the most fun thing you do all summer here and you’re sad?” Katie questioned confused.
“Yeah, think about it. The tournament starts tomorrow which means that there’s only one more week of camp.” They just starred at me. Not exactly understanding what I’m going at. God they can sure be dumb sometimes. “Which means we won’t see each other until next summer.”
It finally registered in their brains. “Not necessarily. I mean we don’t live that far from each other. We can still hang out throughout the rest of the year.” Rosie stated coming over and sitting cross-legged next to me on my bed.
“Yeah, we’re best friends. No matter how far apart we are. We will always be together.” Katie added walking over and joining us.
We all smiled at each other and wrapped our arms around each other in a group hug. “Best friends forever.” I said.
“Of course.” Katie replied back.
“Duh. We’ll be the ones in the old folk’s home racing each other in our wheelchairs.” Rosie exclaimed.
We all burst out laughing at her statement. I would definitely miss not seeing these girls everyday. As our laughter died down there was a knock at the door. Katie and Rosie went back onto their beds and went back to their laptops, which intern meant I had to get the door. Who could be there anyway?
I opened the door and immediately a smile spread across my face. “Hey!” I said giving Anthony a hug.
“Hey, can I talk to you?” He didn’t sound too happy when he said this, which made me a bit nervous. Usually when guys say this they are breaking up with you. Oh god, he’s breaking up with me. I thought we were okay. We have so much fun together. We are never bored when we are around each other and I still get those butterflies when he kissed me. I thought everything was going great between us. I guess not. I starred back at him and realized I hadn’t answered him yet.
“Uh, yeah one sec.” I shut the door and turned to Rosie and Katie who were now starring back at me. “What do you think he wants to talk about?” I asked knowing they heard the whole conversation.
“It’s probably not what you think.” Katie stated.
“Yeah, you guys are like perfect for each other. It’s nothing to worry about.” Rosie added.
I gave them a slight smile and opened the door again. Anthony looked up from the ground when he heard it open. He took my hand and started walking away from my room.
As we were walking I look down at our intertwined fingers. They fit so perfectly together. I would do anything to freeze time and just be able to curl up next to him forever. The way his arms wrapped around me, made me feel like nothing could hurt me. Like he was a protective shield over me, nothing could touch me as long as he was near. I thought back to all the good times we had this summer, especially my birthday. I still remember his every word he said to me that night. I smiled at the memory.
As I was lost in my own thought I hadn’t realized Anthony stopped walking until I ran into his back. I took a step back as he turned to face me. Without having to look past him I could tell exactly where we were. The lake. Ever since that first day of camp when he caught me out here it’s been kind of like our place. We go here all the time to talk, have a picnic every now and then, and sometimes just sit here and watch the sunset. All the times here have led to happy memories and that could just change now.
Before either of us could say anything Anthony had his arms around me, squeezing me as hard as possible. If he held me any tighter I swear would explode but as hard as he was squeezing, I didn’t want him to ever let go.
We pulled away and he brought his hand up to my face. I hadn’t even recognized I was crying. He wiped a tear that fell from my cheek with his thumb. I couldn’t find my voice to speak so I just wrapped my arms back around him. He rubbed my back softly, not saying a word as I cried into his shoulder. I pulled back and wiped the last few tears. “I can’t believe summer’s almost over.” I said finally breaking the silence.

~~there will only be a couple more chapters and then i'll be starting a new storyy.~~ 


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A Summer To Remember

Chapter 11

We walked through the woods hand in hand, talking, laughing and acting like we were five years old. I couldn't stop smiling. Everything he did was perfect especially everything he did today for my birthday. I couldn't have asked for a better birthday. We made our way back to the soccer field where Rosie, Katie, Chase, and my parents were cleaning up from the party.
As soon as they heard us laughing they all turned to look at us. I looked to Rosie and Katie and they, of course, were admiring my hand in his. I couldn't help but laugh at them. They looked up to me and smiled back. They both gave me a you-need-to-tell-me-everything-later look. I nodded towards them to tell them I definitely would.
"Hey mom want help with the cleaning?" I asked.
She looked up to me then over to my friends who were all standing behind me talking and joking around. "No you go ahead and had fun at your friends. Your dad and I will finish here, we're almost done anyway."
"Alrighty. See you later mom!" I kissed her cheek and headed back to my friends who were anxiously waiting for me.
We all went to our rooms to change into our bathing suits for a late night swim in the lake. As soon as we got changed Rosie, Katie and I all ran to the lake and jumped in. A couple minutes later Anthony, Chase and James showed up and joined us in the water.
We decided to play chicken. I was on Anthony's shoulders, Rosie was on Chase's, and Katie was on James'. After about five games we declared that Anthony and I were clearly the winners since we won almost every time.
After swimming for hours, fatigue hit us and we headed to bed. We started walking towards our room when Anthony pulled me back lacing his fingers in mine. Chase and James took off towards their room giving me a hug and one last "happy birthday" before leaving.
When we got to our room, Katie and Rosie walked right in and quickly shut the door on me before. God sometimes they are so immature. I turned around to come face to face with Anthony. "I better head to bed. Gotta get up early tomorrow. Thanks again for everything you did today." I gave him a kiss on the cheek and turned back towards my door.
He grabbed my hand and pulled me back to face him again. "Happy birthday once again and your welcome, it was my pleasure to accompany you today on your special day." He kissed the back of my hand and I couldn't help but blush. Even though that was pretty cheesy it was sweet.
"I'm glad you were able to spend it with me."
"Goodnight Sarah, I'll see you in the morning." he pulled me into one last hug and kissed my forehead before letting me go.
"Night Anthony." I opened the door and walked into the room but not before turning back to give Anthony one more wave goodbye.
I closed the door and put my back to it closing my eyes thinking back to everything that happened tonight. I smiled and opened my eyes to see Rosie and Katie sitting at the edge of their beds looking at me.
"Spill." Rosie said quickly.
"With detail." Katie added with a smile. I laughed at both of them and emerged into my story while getting ready for bed with a smile never leaving my face.

it’s kind of short but I have had MAJOR writers block for this story.

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A Summer To Remember

Chapter 10 part 4
*the last one was supposed to be part 3*


They looked to each other and then back to me then shrugged. I rolled my eyes. They were so bad at lying. “Alright thanks. ” I said anyway.
It was starting to get dark out and I realized because of the party I never went to the lake. The party was starting to die down anyway so I made my escape without anyone seeing me. I walked through the woods and through the opening I could see a faint dim light. Usually at this time of night it was basically completely dark near the lake. I slowly made my way towards the light.
I finally made it to the opening and couldn’t believe what was in front of me.
There he was, standing at the edge of the lake. Next to him was a blanket with a single candle lit right in the middle. At the very edge of the blanket was a picnic basket, which I assumed was filled with food. I just stood there not able to say anything. He walked towards me and held out his hand. I took it without even thinking and followed behind him towards the blanket. I sat down across from him taking everything in.
The moon above me was shining brightly. The lake in front of me shimmering and glowing from the moonlight. Anthony across from me, the candle light carefully showing his features. His hazel eyes sparkled and his smile shined as he looked at me. “Do you like it?”
“Yes. This is amazing. ” I finally whispered.
“I did it all for you. ” “Thank you Anthony. So much. For everything. The whole day has been amazing because of you. You didn’t have to do all this you know?”
“But I did. Sarah ever since you got here my life has changed. When I saw you on that first day of camp my heart skipped a beat and I knew I had to get to know you. You’re perfect. You don’t take crap from anyone, no matter who it is. You’re
beautiful, funny, smart, talented, athletic, the list goes on forever. I’m so glad I was your counselor this summer. I don’t know what I would do if I wasn’t. I like you Sarah a lot,” he paused and looked to me with a hopeful smile, “And if you don’t like me back, then I just made a complete fool out of my self. ” He laughed a little at the end and looked down towards the blanket which made me smile. It was a little funny how nervous he was. All other times we’ve talked it never seemed like he was very nervous, it was always me who was a nervous wreck.
“Anthony, this is incredible. I don’t know how to thank you enough. Truth is, ever since you found me on the first night, here at the lake I couldn’t get you out of my mind. I just thought that because of our age difference it could never happen so I kept pushing it to the back of my mind. No matter how many times Rosie and Katie told me you liked me,” I said laughing, remembering all the time they accused him of it, and there were a lot, “But I do like you Anthony, a lot more than I ever thought I would. ” I said smiling. His head shot up and I could see him smiling.
He sighed a breath of relief and took hold of my hands. “That being said, Sarah will you be my girlfriend?”
“Well,” I looked to the sky acting like I was debating my answer. I looked back to him and could tell he was nervous about my answer. I smiled. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. ”
Next thing I knew I was being picked up and spun around in the air. The way his arms were around me made me feel safe, like nothing could ever hurt me while I was with him. The feeling I haven’t had since Kyle, and it never felt this great. I couldn’t stop smiling and I knew right when Katie and Rosie saw me they would know something was up. But of course I’ll tell them everything.
He finally put me down and I saw that he was smiling to. “So is that basket over there just for show or is there food in there? Because I’m starving .” I admitted.
“Yes there is food in there and I made it all myself. ”
“Do I really want to eat it then?”
“Hey! I’m a good cook!”
I laughed at his reaction. “I’m kidding! Of course it’ll be good. ” I pulled him down onto the blanket and started eating the delicious food he made for me.
After we ate dinner he pulled out a chocolate cupcake. He stuck a candle in it and lit it with a lighter. “Make a wish .” He whispered to me giving me the cupcake. “I don’t need to. I already have everything I could ever wish for. ” And with that I blew out the candle.

They're finally together!!! Yayyy! I absolutely loved writing this chapter and I hope you guys like it as much as I do! <3