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im jocelynn... your all beautiful thanks for looking at my page enjoy your slef on here .. and if you have any questions ... talk to me or comment

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i wish you  could see the smile in my eyes when i think about you or talk about you cause baby your my world and  i dont think there is a thing in this world that could make my feelings go away they wont 

guys you should say i love you too your love ones when you leave them cause you never know when the last time you will see them is 

 dear aunt sharon, 
      i know i walked away from family cause i through that guy was the one and im so sorry i didnt mean to let all my family go but i did i love you and i know that im feeling really bad for it i through that he was the one  but i guess i was wrong i just cant believe your gone ... and i wanted to see you  so bad and i didnt get a chance to say goodbye but if i would been able to be there i would of been there and im so sorry i was just so upset at  my least .. i love you and you will be missed alot ... i think about you all the time the fact that i have to say goodbye to you with in the next two days is breaking me down i hate having to say goodbye to the ones i love but i guess god said it was time to take you with him i hoping you and grandpa are chatting and having a party togther your now a angle looking down on all of us .. i dont think i would of been able to see you the way you were but believe me if i would of been able too be there i eould of been there .. i love you and i know im saying that alot but its ture ... rip aunt sharon i love you ... and miss you dearly ....
let me love baby let me love you hunny