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lol havent been on this in forevs. im samanthaaaa. fave fave fave !

Quotes by stsx0x

Take off your pants

and i'll give you my genes ;]


 how many times
can           i           break        'till           i         shatter ?


Scars     are    tattoos
w i t h   b e t t e r   s t o r i e s.

You    Said     I      Gave    You
butterflies Then You Flew Out          Of        My          Life

another night; another   dream
wasted               on                  you

You had me
  h i n k i n g

   we would last forever.


There's    something about him that i just can't     let    go     of 

While I was kissing

m, I was wishing


It's         amazing        how
                                                             even         one        moment        of            seeing     someone
                            can bring back all the memories you thought were forgotten

ove isn't a guarantee.

                                                &    most    of    the    time,    it    isn't    meant    to    be    </3