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My name's Maria, I'm australian and am 15. I'm kinda maybe addicted to the internet and I like making friends. I used to write stories on here but I don't belong on here anymore. Justin Bieber is my king, Lana Del Rey is my queen, I love Macklemore and Selena Gomez and if you like any of them there is a 100% chance that I'll fall in love with you. Cats are majestic creatures. The Fault In Our Stars is my favourite book and I'm married to Augustus Waters. I like to laugh at my own jokes and you'll probably hate me but that's ok. I like tanning and beaches and boys. I love you and you're fab, kay? 


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Tears burnt my cheeks as they rolled down, ever so casually and for a moment, just a moment, I didn’t have to pretend I was okay or that everything would be okay. I didn’t need to be optimistic, I didn’t need to be happy and I didn’t need to feel the way everyone else was feeling. I could be myself.

            The truth had burnt a hole in my heart. You don’t want me – you don’t love me. Sounds pathetic, right? And in a way, yes, it is pathetic. It’s pathetic that I’ve let one boy make me feel so worthless, so good for nothing.

            You had always been a nice guy. You have one hell of a sense of humour and even if you weren’t the cutest fish in the sea, in my eyes you were flawless. I couldn’t describe the way I felt for you. Not then, not now – all I can say is that I felt unstoppable when I was with you. You made me feel pretty; you made me feel like I was worth it.

            You had always been my first thought when I woke up and my last thought when I fell asleep. Funny how you still are but when I think of him I don’t become happy anymore and I don’t smile. I frown and sometimes, I cry because I miss what we had and I just didn’t want you to be in love with someone else. Who was I kidding, though?

            “It’s going to be okay! It’s not the end of the world.” I didn’t understand how so many people could say that when you were my world. You were my everything and it was hard to go on pretending I didn’t know you and pretending you had never been sprawled across my bed, laughing at me with that contagious laugh while I danced around in my pajamas. It was hard to forget about that one time when I had run to you, crying because of something that seems so stupid now and you had held me until I calmed down and whispered sweet nothings into my ear. It was hard not to remember our first time, the way you had been so gently and caring with me. It was hard not to remember the first time you told me “I love you.” The way you had held my face. It was hard to forget your laugh. It was hard to forget your eyes – the chocolate brown that I could stare into for forever. It was hard to forget your smile but most of all; it was hard to forget the way I felt when I was around you. I was scared I’d never feel that way with anyone, ever again.

            I had waited days and days for you to break up with me. I knew it was coming. You started to distant yourself from me and we started spending less and less time together and sometimes, you pretended you didn’t get my texts when I knew you had. I tried not to be clingy, I gave you some space, I stopped texting you so much, stopped bugging you but you had already made up your mind.

            “I’m sorry, Elise. It’s not you it’s me. I just don’t think I’m in a position in my life where I should be dating.”  Why were you running around, laughing with her a couple of days later? Why had you left me abandoned with no one to turn to?

            Nobody understood. Everybody thought you were just another boy with a cute smile. Everybody told me that in a year, I probably wouldn’t even remember what we had shared but I know they’re wrong. Nobody could ever make me forget the way you had made me feel, even if I wanted so badly to forget. I tried everything to forget.

            I went out, I got drunk, I went home with a stranger but in the end, I just couldn’t do it. All I could think about was you, the way you had touched me. I couldn’t stop comparing the man with you and he was nothing compared to you. I ended up leaving before anything happened because I couldn’t go through with it. You were in my veins. You are in my veins. I love you and I beg you, please don’t be in love with someone else. 

♡ based on the song Sail by Awolnation ♡
For you, I was a chapter


For me, you were the book ~
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Hey guise, so I had told you all that I'd be re-writing I Met Him On Omegle, after I said that I got a lot of requests from people asking me to tell them when I put it. I just put up the prologue on Wattpad so if you want to read it, go ahead. The link's below :) 

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I love you all. 

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Bye Witty

A lot of you already knew I was planning on leaving Witty after Beautiful Disaster but I've decided to stop writing now on here. Leaving has been on my mind for a couple of months now. There are a couple of reasons for that, actually and I think that my readers should hear those reasons. Firstly, there have been various occasions that my story has been taken and said to be somebody else's even though it isn't. I understand you're going to get that if you write on internet and you can't change it but it is extremely easy to copy stories off Witty. Next, I've grown. I've been on Witty for around 2 years now and frankly, I'm just not interested anymore. I want to do something with my pieces and I know that won't happen if I just continue writing on Witty. Sure, I can try to do both but I want to be able to focus on one story at a time. Hopefully one day you'll see one of my stories on the shelves in a store. I don't have time for Witty anymore because it takes me a while to write then remind everyone. I'm in high school; I have assignments and tests that I have to prepare myself for. 

To my very amazing&perfect&gorgeous&s//xual&loyal readers: Gah! I love you all so much & I owe you all the world. I have met so many amazing girls and guys on here who have helped me through a lot and for that I could never repay you. There are so many of you that I could name right now but the list would go on forever. You guys are the reason I just continued writing no matter what and I just... ah! I don't know how to express myself right now. I just love you all soooooooooooooooooooooooo f//cken much. 

Currently, I'm texting one of my friends, soccerfreak99 and telling her I don't know what to say and that I'm just feeling like asdfghjkl emotions and she compared this to a speech when I graduate. She said, 'Wow if it's hard to say a goodbye speech than you can imagine how hard it'll be to write your farewell speech in year 12.' I am really struggling for words; I honestly don't know what to say. There are so many things I'm feeling right now but I just can't put those feelings in words.  So, I'm sorry if none of this makes sense. 

I am not stopping writing completely, I'll be writing just not on Witty. I'll be writing on Wattpad, the link for it is below & lots of people have asked me if I'll be posting any stories from Witty onto my Wattpad account. The answer is yes. I am in the process of editing I Met Him On Omegle and I should be posting it pretty soon :)

Despite the title (I didn't know what to put it as, ok! Ahaha), this isn't goodbye. I just won't be on as much but I'll still be on, so feel free to leave me a comment. 

Once again, I want to say a huge thank you to all my amazing readers, you guys are so freaken amazing it is not even funny. Leave me a comment and I'll be sure to get back to you as soon as possible or talk to me on Kik (down below vv) because I like being weird with other people c: I love you all so much and thank you for being so loyal and amazing. 

Xx Maria (sugarfreak)

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Is it possible for home to be a person and not a place?
One day I'm going to wake up, roll over on my side,
and kiss the love of my life good morning   

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UsinMr Parker
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E p i l o g u e 



Nobody understood love fully until they had fallen helplessly.
The way Zach and I met was unfortunate, nothing would have just been automatically perfect and it gave me a sense of pride to be able to say that we didn't give up even when things got tuff.
Baby,” Zach called. “Come back to bed.”
No,” I shook my head, a smile spreading onto my face. “We can't be late for the ultrasound!” I exclaimed. “It's the first one.”
I know, I know,” he huffed. “I just wanted to cuddle.”
We can cuddle later,” I replied and grinned, excitedly. “I can't wait until we get to see our baby.” Zach rolled out of bed, groaning sexily.
I can't wait either, baby, what time is it? Do I have time for a shower?”
Yeah but make it quick!” I told him as I shooed him into the bathroom.
Nu-uh, where's my good morning kiss?” I rolled my eyes but went on my toes to kiss him gently for a few moments before walking to do the bed. It had been been 7 years since I was in high school and now, Zach and I were expecting our first child. When we first found out, Zach was so proud and told just about everyone. We got married 3 years ago and they had been the best 3 years of my life.
Justin had a girlfriend of 3 years and Grace was still single. I haven't spoken to Courtney since high school and it honestly hadn't affected me.
In record timing, we were in the car and driving to the Ultrasound. When we got there, we waited for the doctor to be able to see us. I was bouncy in my seat. “Calm down, Logan,” Zach chuckled.
I glared at him. “You didn't just consume like 5 litres of water!” Zach kissed my forehead and I sighed, putting my head onto his shoulder. Zachs hand was intertwined with mine and around 20 minutes later we were called in.
Logan Parker?”
Oh how I loved the sound of that.

I bounced into the room and got ready for my Ultrasound with the nurse in the room. Zach sat next to me and grinned. The doctor came in, a smile on his face and clapped. “Right, how are you two?” he asked. Soon, he was putting the cold jelly like substance on my stomach and then he showed us a monitor. “This,” he pointed to the screen. “Is your baby.” To most people, what was on that screen was a bunch of spots and blobs but to me, it was my baby and I couldn't help the silent tears that fell down my face. The doctor went on to tell us about our babies health and both Zach and I left the room with big grins on our face.
This is so surreal,” I murmured.
Thank you so much, baby,” Zach said as he wrapped his hand around my waist.
For what?”
For being my wife, for being understanding and wonderful and now giving me a child.” He smiled at me, sweetly. “I love you so much.”
I was his and he was mine,
And our love was infinite. 

"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams" - Dr. Seuss

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 {A/N Ohmygosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh. I am freaking out right now, I cannot believe this story is over :( It's so weird knowing I'll never write about Zach and Logan again but they'll be in my next story Beautiful Disaster at least. I am honestly so upset right now, this story means the world to me. I want to say a HUGE thank you to each and everyone of my amazing readers. You guys are the reason I continue writing. Pretty please leave me a comment on what you thought of the story c: It'll make me really, really happy! My next story will be up in a week or two so you can comment for a reminder for Beautiful Disaster. I love you all <3 Thank you. }


UsinMr Parker
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C h a p t e r  46



 “It's not that funny!” I exclaimed as my mum, Zach and my dad laughed hysterically. They were laughing about me running after the newest edition to the family, Cookie and falling in the pool. Just two weeks ago I had graduated and just two weeks ago my parents excepted Zach into the family.
Mum, dad, this is my boyfriend, Zach Parker.”
It felt like we met a century ago.
Hurry up Logan,” Zach chuckled, teasingly as I rolled my eyes and put my shoes on. He was still laughing after seeing me fall in the pool.
As Zach and I walked out of the house, I asked, “Don't you have any sympathy for your girlfriend?” I crossed my arms over my chest and raised my eyebrows. Zach smiled, sweetly and kissed me.
I love you,” he told me.
I sighed, “You cannot do that every time I'm mad at you.” Zach and I arrived to the shops in no time and walked around hand in hand. I had called him yesterday telling him I had wanted to go to the shops and maybe watch a movie. He didn't say no, of course, he was just as excited as I was about being able to go out in public. Though, nobody had actually seen us together. Firstly, we went and watched one of the movies that had just came out and then I spotted a group of girls and guys I knew from school.
Oh my gosh! Mr Parker?” A girl from our grade cried out and then she saw me. “Logan?” I noticed her stare at our intertwined hands and just smiled. “Guys,” she called her friends. I wasn't exactly the closest with most of the girls but Rachel and Jasmine were also with them. I felt so awkward at that moment, I didn't think that it'd feel this way. They all looked at our hands and said nothing.
It's nice seeing you guys...” I said, my voice trailing off.
Yeah,” One of the girls – Joe said. “Are you guys like together or something?” She asked.
I nodded, biting my lip, “Yeah.”
Zach coughed, “Well I'm going to leave you to catch up with your friends and go get a table and order some food. Nice seeing you girls.” Zach kissed my lips softly and walked off.
Who would've thought,” Jack, one of the guys there said. “I never would've pinned you for a girl who would bang their teacher.”
I just shrugged, “Guess you didn't know me that well.”
I think they make a cute couple,” Rachel spoke. “I can tell he loves you. A lot.”
They do,” the other girls agreed and we spoke a while longer before I walked off to find Zach. I found Zach sitting at a table with some food in front of him. I sat down opposite him and he handed me my food. After we walked around the shopping centre for a while and then went to Zachs apartment.
We had one of the music channels on and I was dancing around his apartment singing, “But tonight I'm feeling 22!” Zach sat on his couch, watching me with an amused grin on his face. I walked over to him and straddled him.
I love you so much,” he breathed and kissed my lips. It was magic the way his lips connected with mine.
I love you too, Mr Parker,” I said not being able to get rid of the silly grin on my face.
What's got you so happy?” he asked, removing a strand on hair that fell onto my face.
Everything's just so perfect,” I replied.
Zach gave me a questioning glance as I softly chuckled.

To think this started off with me thinking I'd ever be able to leave Mr Parker.


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Teaser for epilogue: I was his and he was mine.
 {A/N There will be an epilogue! It might be out tomorrow or Thursday idk but yeah guys... :( This is the last chapter of UMP & I am so sad! Ahh!}


UsinMr Parker
♥ Logan ♥
C h a p t e r  45



The last few months of school flew by and soon, I was graduating. Soon, Zach and I would be able to go out like a normal couple.
I was so excited.
On the morning of my graduation, I was all giddy and my mum had noticed. “What's got you so excited?”
I'm graduating!” I half lied. That wasn't a lie but it wasn't the total truth. Zach and I had organised for him to meet my parents after the graduation.
How could I possibly be so excited but so nervous at the same time?
Oh, well you better start getting ready. Do you want me to do your hair?” she asked, kindly and I nodded my head eagerly. My mum started doing my hair and in 20 minutes she was finished.
Can you do my make-up as well?” I asked her, grinning sweetly.
Of course baby,” she murmured in deep thought as she started on my make-up. Soon I was dressed in a red strapless dress that reached just above my knee. My hair was done in a braid and my make-up with such simplicity it was stunning. “Close your eyes,” she told me and I closed my eyes. My mum placed something around my neck and I opened them to see a gorgeous locket shaped necklace with diamonds filling it. “I am so proud of you,” she told me, as she hugged me. Tears filled my eyes as my mum softly cried into my shoulder. “You've grown up so quickly, I remember when you were just a baby who couldn't even walk.”
I love you so much, Mum.”
I love you too, baby, I love you too.”
And always remember,” Courtney ended her speech. “It's not chance that determines where you'll end up, it's destiny.” Soon after, graduation caps were thrown in the air and laughter was floating through the air.
Finally!” Grace laughed as she gave me a hug. “12 years of school for a paper!”
And I wouldn't change any of it for the world,” I replied, honestly. After Grace and I spoke, I went to go find my parents though I kept an eye out for Zach.
Congratulations!” Justin shouted, engulfing me in a hug.
Thank you,” I murmured into his neck and then my mum kissed my cheek.
Congratulations, darling,” she said as my dad gave me a hug as well murmuring a 'congratulations'. We spoke for a little while until I spotted Zach and walked over to him, Justin by my side.
Hi baby,” Justin said in a girly voice and Zach and I chuckled.
Congratulations Logan!” Zach said enthusiastically.
Thanks,” I said, softly.
I want to kiss you so bad,” he said quietly so I was the only one that heard him.
What's stopping you?” I asked, seductively.
The fact that my uncle keeps looking at us.”
Oh, I'm sorry,” I muttered feeling bad about making him lie to his uncle.
Come on, babe, smile.”
And I did. 

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Teaser: "Oh my gosh! Mr Parker?" A girl that used to be in the same grade as me cried out and then she saw me. "Logan?" 
Logans outfit:
 {A/N I'm pretty sure there's going to be one chapter left and then the epilogue!}


UsinMr Parker
♥ Logan ♥
C h a p t e r  44


Oh my gosh, oh my gosh,” I muttered over and over again.
Calm down, Logan!” Justin cried.
I can't,” I muttered. “So many things could go wrong.”
You met Zachs parents yesterday, right?” I nodded. “It's exactly like that.”
No it isn't!” To sum yesterday up, it was a big success. His mum and dad loved me or so I hoped. Around the house, there were heaps of photos of the same girl. I'm assuming it was Ariella, she was stunning with dark brown hair.
I'll be with you the whole time,” Justin told, kissing my forehead. I sighed, nodding slowly. Zach couldn't exactly come with me because my dad or my mum had no idea I was dating anyone – especially my teacher.
Lets get this over and done with.” We were meeting my dads wife and their kid at a restaurant. Yes, they had a child. When my mum told me I was more than shocked. I have a 1 year old step-sister called Ali. His wife, Stacy was only 25. We arrived at the restaurant and I realised it was called Ella's.
My thoughts flickered to what Zach had once told me. 'My dad also has a small restaurant called Ellas'.
Just my luck.
I groaned hoping not to see Zachs dad, Paul inside because that would only cause trouble. Apparently I was out of luck because Paul was right there, smiling. “Darling, hi!” he exclaimed.
Hi,” I muttered.
Hi Paul,”
He asked, “Can I get you a table?”
No, someone is waiting for us.”
Okay, give me a call if you need anything.” I spotted my dad and Justin put his hand over my shoulder. In a baby seat was a little blonde girl and next to her was her mother in a bright pink flowy dress. When my dad saw us, he immediately got up, so did his wife.
Logan and-and Justin? Wow, you've grown.”
Hi Robby,” Justin said, politely.
Um, um, this is my wife – Stacy. Stacy this is Logan and Justin.” Stacy smiled.
Hi Logan, hi Justin, it's a pleasure to meet you two.”
Yeah...” my voice trailed off.
This is Ali,” my dad pointed at the adorable one year old who was giggling at the faces Justin was making.
She is so cute,” I grinned.
She is,” my dad nodded. “Now come on, lets order some food.” Justin and I sat next to each other opposite Stacy and my dad as we talked.
So Logan, what are you think of doing when you finish school?” Stacy asked.
I'm not sure,” I shrugged, honestly.
Oh yeah and do you have a boyfriend?”
Yeah, yes I do,” I smiled.


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Teaser: Soon, Zach and I would be able to go out like a normal couple. 
 {A/N This chapter is dedicated to purdygirl, it was her birthday yesterday & I believe it is still her birthday today in America. Happy Birthdy!}