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Quotes by sugrfree

So, a lot of people apparently think we shouldn't put controversial quotes on Witty.

1. For all you know, the fact that there's a s-ex joke every five quotes could offend me. Or jokes about girls on their periods.

2. Anything could be controversial.

3. A lot of the people who say we shouldn't post controversial things even though they break the rules by cussing and other things.

4. It's your account. Post what you want. (Within the guidelines of the rules.)

5. If my quotes offend you, unfollow me, block me, or build your own utopia off the internet.

6. We won't always agree. If not, fine. If so, fine. We don't have to argue about it. Read, and scroll on.
The more helpless the victim, the more hideous the assault.
Everyone for slavery is free. Everyone for abortion is alive.
I like the feel of summer on my arms and autumn in my hair.
A lot of people like vampires and vampire movies. But in reality, they can't even handle mosqitos, so what makes them think they can handle a vampire?
Though I walk through the darkest hour, I know you are with me because I feel you beside me. And though I feel like the lights have all left me, I know that you'll still keep shining bright as day.
You can't tell me dreams don't come true when you're living proof that they do.
Do you wake up in the night knowing that you dreamt horrible nightmares but not remembering what they were?
Dad: today's a great day to stuff your face.

We're beautiful
like raindrops from the sky.