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Quotes by suicidebarbie

I don't understand how someone you loved with your whole heart
can just walk away like nothing ever happened between you.  </3

they  say  the   average   person   has   7
<broken/hearts3 before they get married.
2 down,  5  to  go.  that's  comforting...

I  jus want  you back.

the worst part of letting you go
is how easy you make it seem

i'm not sure who i am anymore
i remember who i used to be. i know she wouldn't be happy
with me, but i just can't help it. i don't know how to go
back, i don't know how to be that person again.   i don't
think i can. the most important piece is missing:    him.
i loved him so much, he had become a part of me. and when
he left, he took that part with him.    is it possible to
ever      be       the       same       again?        </3

&I've made up my mind

i'm     finally    going     to    let    go
i'm   going    to    move    on,
and i'm finally going to get over you

now  i'm just praying you don't let me do  it

Friend: I gotta go shower.
Me: Alright, don't think about me too much.
-After shower-
Friend: I think I did... I'm all wet!


if a guy were to sing "hey there delilah" to me
my life would be made

Me:     I've     had     guys     promise     me   forever    before...
Him:       Oh...        Then        I       won't       promise         you-
Me:  I'm  sorry!  I   didn't  mean  to  be  mean,  I  just  meant-
Him: Let me finish. I won't promise you, I'll show you forever.
Flash forward, two years later. Guess who's hooking up with my best friend? </3 Thanks, forever was great while it lasted.