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It's My
on december 10 !
which is tomorrow !!

so can i get like at least 15 favs ?!

thanks guys it would
really mean alot to me :)


♥ remember when--->
you loved me ?

So theres this boy,
and i thought i loved him
hello my name is *____________________*
and im a witty addict

probably not mine .
if its yours comment and ill give you credit .
click the [♥]
oh, there you are perry

phineas flynn ♥

                                                   i love you .
                                            you barley who i am .
                                                 i love your hair .
                                               i love your smile .
                                         i love your big brown eyes .
                                    i was about to cry when i saw you...
                                           because i know you will
                                                never be mine 

all mine .
ventinggg .
click the [♥]

Once upon a time,
something happened to me,
it was the sweetest thing,
that ever could be,
it was a fantasy,
a dream come true,
it was
the day
I met

not mine . found it on here . fav ?
i didnt find you . you found me . is this a sign that we were ment to be ♥

mine . no jockingg . that means ilovesummer09
There was a boy and a girl hugging. they didnt say a thing. they just listened to the pure silence.finally the girl asked the boy "why is your heartbeating so fast?"  the boy held the girl tighter and said "I dont know . . . How would you feel if you were holding the entire world in your arms...<3