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Hi ! 
welcome to my page <3

if you ever feel like talking me just leave a comment.

I love to write and have been on witty for far to long but i love it !
i write to express not to impress.
I love to talk so comment and i'll always write you back.
Good luck going through all of my quotes i have over 1000.
I love all of you <3

<p style="text-align: center;></cke:embed></p><a> <div id=" _rr"=""> Happier Than Ever <3

Quotes by summer_sage


me: hi, can i have a large—
starbucks employee: you mean a venti?
me: can we not do this

Im an adult I whisper as
I cry over a video game.



When people think that Im on a diet if they see me eating a salad.

B.itch I like my veggies… Leave me alone!

I'm glad you're in my life  ♥ LOL jk.
i hope you get hit by a bus and then the bus
put its in reverse and hits you again,
and i hope im the lucky mother f.cker that is driving the bus.


Hey here's some Midol.
Those cramps are CRAZY
but here's the bright side....
it's not a baby.

Women know, they just know;
even if they didn't they'd still know.
Men probably won't get this,
but women will,
because they know.


If you went to put money in a homeless man's cup,
and he grabbed your hand,

all not cool-like,
I'd slap his hand until he let yours go.
I realize that's a pretty specific scenario,
but if it ever happens,
just know, I got your back.


Dear Neighbor,

Unfortunately we have not had the pleasure of meeting each other yet. However, we can hear everything you do. so basically it's like we already know  you. And what we've concluded is:

-someone just bought a pogo stick !!!
-2012 Double Dutch Champs!
-Just got casted in STOMP!
-You own your very own Wak-A-Mole!
-Super clumsy, dropping things all the time.
-Super hot, having s.ex all the time.
-You're housing a mini pony.
-traing to win gold in gymnastics. GO USA!

seriously though.. not trying to be a pest  or super annoying... but oh my gosh what are you doing up there?! and if you do by chance have a mini pony, i would like to meet it.

                        your neighbors

P.S. If secretly you're spiderman and are practicing your spidey skills... please disregard this not and keep up the good  work.



I want you
more than Carly Rae Jepsen
wants you to call her.


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