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hoo-hum(: lol, lets see! its allready summer, hell yaaah! eight grade went by so fasttt and now im gonna be in high schoool ): im so nervouss! aha, im not your "typical girl" if you wana put it that way.. i like too read. ALOT! novels are great but i favor poems & plays.. my favs would be edgar allan poe & shakespear. hmm, music is my life (: i listen too lots of it.. right now im liking weezer, kings of leon, red hot chilli peppers.. but i listen to lady gaga, justin bieber, rolling stones, train, ... and lots more! um, as for tv if im watching it it is usually, ellen, criminal minds, law and order, the office, modern family.. but my big one is UFC! (: most guys dont believe me that im in love with ufc untill they get me talking about it. my ultime fav fighter is chuck "the iceman" liddel. even tho hes getting older i still stand by him. & i cant beileve that pussy tito dropped out of the fight.. but now that rich franklin is in idk if chuck has a great chance of winning cuz he hasnt been in the ring recently. =/ movies (: my favorite !! ; uhhm let me start off with saying I HATED AVATAR! the thing people liked about it was the imax 3d shit and yeah that was amazing but the story line was totally RIPPED OFF! its the same thing as a "modern" version of pocahontus.. like how the girl main blue monkey was supossed to get married to the other blue monkey then fell in love with the human guy who was pretending to be a blue monkey while he was secretly trying to take their land, but THEN (big twist) he falls in love with this blue monkey girl and saves their land. ta-freakin-dah. anyways... i like horror movies, umm favs would be.; nightmare on elm st. (origonal & only the first one), friday the 13th (same, orig. & 1st one), freddy vs jason (ironic =P?), the saw serise, and my other favs are the outsiders, and alice in wonderland,.. the disney original not the freaky new one. well if i sound like an interesting person too you, read my quotes.. &/ drop me a profile comment! i open to making new frands ((: peace <3 )

just mage a blog; umm read it if you care about whats going on in my life, p.s- family will be reading so if you feel the need to comment keep profanity & rudeness out (:

Quotes by summerbaby2010

what is love?
In a sitch like this, you gotta think
And I don’t think you think about the way she thinks.
And I know you work
hard everyday,
But it all comes down to the way you’re paid.
And I know you’re oh-so sorry, Dad
And I truly believe that you’re a better man.
Then to share one
kiss then give away,
All the love you come home everyday to
Your hopes, your dreams, your everything.
Well, Daddy, I hope
And I dream
That she won’t leave.

And I have a question?
what is love?
I love you J.S.C
When I go to bed I think of you, and at 6oclock every morning i have a text from you because you know I wake up at 6:13 and you want to make sure that I knew you were thinking of me. You get super over protective if any guy even looks at me let alone talks to me. You still like to hang out with me & my family even when my Dad was farting when you came over for dinner for the first time. You forgive me after every mistake I make even if its one way worse than you would ever make. You hold me really tight when I cry and u squeeze your eyes really tight because you dont like seeing me cry because it makes you sad to. When we went to Cedar Point you went on all the little kid rides with me even tho you wanted to ride all the big roller coasters, just because I was to scared and you wanted to be with me. March tenth two-thousand and ten was the best day of my life. You are and always will be my bestfriend.
I love you baby.

  Love is a temporary madness. It erupts like an earthquake and then subsides. And when it subsides you have to make a decision.

ive got you all figured out you need everyones
just to feel seen
-mike posner "cooler than me"
fav song of the summer (:

summer [two_thousand*&ten]}}=

say goodbye too;                                                                         say helloo too;
going to bed at 9;30.                                                                   pulling all nighters
homework                                                                                       sun tans!
dealing with teachers                                                                 hanging with friends
tests                                                                                                   swimming (:
cold weather                                                                                  warm summer sun

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