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Tell me you love me,
and I'll be yours forever
Hi(: My name is Peyton.
im just so self consious about what people will think of me.
im 13 years young in the 7th grade. i live in Michigan, USA. i am a triplet so that mean's
my brother, sister, and I were all born on the same day, same time. i love warm, sunny days..
and the best part about my life, is i live right off the lake(:
i play volleyball n soccer and i love it

i abosolutely LOOOVVEE Christmas music♥.
now is my time of year.
my style of music though is rock
and slow country.

I have two 10 month old puppies name Clyde& Bonnie.
They are so daarn cauutee..;* Well.. i think im done. if you wanna know more..
feel free to ask(:

people i cant live without;
my madre. padre. sis. bro. libby.
izzy. claudia. amanda. Mariah.
marmar. Steff. Danielle. taylor.
andrea. &maddie


Just some
Stay Strong
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Quotes by summerbutterfly

Yeah, there are a lot of fish in the sea, but how many have low standards.
I may not seem like it but I’m extremely competitive & if you challenge me to something I will slaughter you & destroy any pride you have
i’m still mad about a cinderella story like how couldn’t austin recognize sam in her fckiing masquerade mask i’ve been annoyed since 2004
Say "sea poose" out loud really fast over and over again. I dare you.
*in principle's office*

Principle: Have a seat.

Me: Thank you.
*picks up chair and leaves.*


I typed "b*tch" in my GPS
and guess what?
I'm in your driveway..

Vroom, Vroom motherf*cker.
It seems like people always want the truth, but never want to be honest.
Count blessings, not problems. ❤
"I'm a cool mom, right Regina?"
"Stop talking."
Am I the only one that had to go back to school the day after New Year's??