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Quotes by summerfun4598

we can blossom
once  we  get some 
confidence           in
o  u  r  s  e  l  v  e  s.
we all need to be loved
He may not be perfect
for  her but  he sure  is

perfect   for   me.
im the only girl
who    saves    his    texts 
and  reads   them   when
i              miss             him.

colormy_heartxfades for the fade
sometimes life's
just    full    of   twists
and  [ turns ]  and
pits       of       lava.

the day that something bad happens
to the person you love so much is the
day  you  will  realise  how  much they

r  e  a  l  l  y     m  e  a  n     t  o     y  o  u .
Don't Stop Believin'

fade from Lilhcogurl22
you have to look
past what people

look like
and just look
into their heart.
& we all have those
big city dreams and
small town wishes.