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Quotes by summerlover11

*A marshmallow sees a smore for the first time*

Marshmallow- "WHAT THE FLUFF!!!"

She's My Best Friend

Break Her Heart

And I'll Break Your Face :)

So watch out...

* All Mine I'm So Proud*

Don't you wish you hit like a girl?

There's always that one guy...

that you will never ever give up on...

and no one understands why...
brick wall
girl u think u got it all
but u dont i do
so BOOM wit dat attitude
peace punch captain crunch
I got sumthin u cant touch
BANG BANG choo choo train
wind me up while i do my thang reeses pieeses 7up
mess wit me i'll mess u up
elbow elbow
wrist wrist
cry now girl
u got
You said you loved me and that you wanted to be with me forever.
I guess that was a lie so whatever.