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This is Xandy!!! 

And I have three best friends anyone can have (Cookie's the creepy face in the picture of me!). I hate when people judge me for the way I look and they think that I'm some stuck up, stupid blonde (only if my life where that easy). I love my mom and my dog. DOLLY!! My favorite color is green. 



And you should check out ApplePieFlutterDashRariSparkle cuz shes 20% cooler than me haha just kidding Xandy :) But no seriously...

- Cookie :)


Also check out MysticHobo. That's Sarah who's amazing and pretty, and a Harry Potter fan... It's ok, I'll forgive you..

And there's Victoria, who just got a Witty, which is why I didn't have her on here before. Her name is Bemylady, so go check her out!

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June trudged down the sidewalk to her small townhouse. She was purposely walking in every puddle that came in her path to make her feet cold and wet, as if to punish herself or to show how little she cared. All she wore was a pair of old worn out converse, and she didn't care. It didn't matter to her what shoes or what outfit she wore like it used to be when she was younger.

The walk home from school was always colorless and long. She could only think of one thing; Mommy. That's the only name she had been able to use for her, because she was in 6th grade when it happened, yet it seemed so close and so recent. Was she over-reacting? Cutting herself off from society, purposely making life hard, as if Mommy's death was her fault and she had to bear the pain? The tears had long since passed; she never cried, the most she felt physically was a dry ache in her throat. She kept it all bottled and thought on it too much, almost as if the pain felt good to her. There was nothing her father could do to help. He tried to give her things and take her to new places. Eventually, he thought she didn't care or appreciate him. But she did, and she hated herself for making it seem like she didn't. She tried to show her love but it always came out as being rude.

Suddenly she found herself at her front door. She didn't want to go in. She had always managed to say something spiteful while trying to say something loving to her father, then later reflecting on it, and she hated herself for what she said. But, as if she had no control of her body, her thin arm raised and twisted the sphere-like handle with the chipping yellow paint. The door creaked open. She stepped in and took her dripping shoes off. Her father was gone and his word was posted on the side of the refrigerator. Every morning her parents used to choose a random word from the dictionary and try it on June. She would try and guess the definition until dinner, when they finally flipped the note over and showed her what it meant. Then she would have to find a way to use it in the next 20 minutes. It was a stupid elementary game, but it was one of those family traditions that brought them closer together. June stopped playing long ago, but he kept posting them. She always knew what the definition was and he would never ask her to play in fear she might reject him. But this one caught her eye, she did not know it. She spelled it out “Melancholy”. Then she went to her laptop and Googled it. She didn't even have to click on the link because google had posted the definition in big letters “A deep, pensive, and long-lasting sadness”. She knew her dad hadn't chosen one randomly, he had looked for it. She untaped the note from the refrigerator and flipped it over. It was not a definition, instead in small messy print it said “Dear June, I love you and always have but we need to move on. Your mother was always a happy person and she wouldn't want to see us like this. We can make the move together and I'll help every step of the way. She loved to hear you laugh and so did I. I'd give almost anything to hear your beautiful voice, happy again. This was the word she picked her last day in the hospital and she made me promise to make sure this never happened to you. No matter what happens we have to keep that promise because it meant everything to her. Love, Daddy”. She felt tears running freely down her face, and she then put her face in her sleeve. All her feelings that she had bottled up were released. 


Today me and my best friend put anonymous notes
saying stuff like, "You remind me of bananas!" in peoples lockers,
and I'm glad we did! Best Valentines Day ever? I think yes.


I hate when people judge me
for the way I look and they think that
I'm some stuck up, stupid blonde
(only if my life where that easy)

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That annoying moment when it wasn't awkward but then someone says it is and it becomes awkward.
I have a couple questions for the world.

If God is the purpose you where put on this earth, then why don't you serve him? Don't you realize the importance this has? God, the creator of everything has chosen you to live on this earth, why don't you serve him to your fullest extent? Do you say, "I love god" and then date, party, and hate? If you love God and realize that he is your everything and your purpose, why don't you read the Bible? Why don't you tell everyone you care about how much Jesus has done for you, to glorify god and save them? Why do you believe that everyone should do what ever they want, if it clearly in the Bible says to follow God? Why are you a bad testiment to the world of what a Christian should act? Jesus gave his life for you and all you can do is cause drama and pity your life. All God wants is you to love him enough to follow him and pray and read the Bible. Does it not say in the Bible that the only person you should confess to is God, not a person who takes charge of your church? Does it not say in the Bible that the people are the church? Does it not ilistrate in that Bible that Jesus went into the temple and tore down the concessions where people were selling things and told them that he could build up the church in 3 days? Don't you realize we are the church, the people? Read your Bible and God will reveal all things (this is also presented in the Bible). 
Cookie's a pooper

The World Unspoken

My original poem

They say they love the soft hearted

But beat them till they are calloused

They say be sweet no don't be so mean

But the mean ones always triumph

What does the world want me to be?

Be soft, then hard, but then not hard

What do they all want from me? see

They say just try to be yourself

But that is to displease others

How do you live such a vexed life?

They applaud the bold in public

But speak otherwise behind closed blinds

But say speak your mind, to be free

But no it is to be confined

They consistently pity themselves

Saying woe is to me, but call others weird

Is that not to contradict the law

Which they have created for their lives to define their sorrow?

Why do you love such a pitiful life

Where nothing is settled

And the meaning of peace is separation from others?

How do you blame the lonely and distant

For wanting to be away and untouched by this

They are the ones who see the truth

With the disaster ignorance causes

So what is the lesson?

To be distant and unhappy or close and ignorant

Then there are those who see

But being in control choose to torture others

Ah, what a world without christ to save me.


- Xandy


Friend are like trees 

                                                 If you
                                       cut them in half
                                They die.If they're close
                              for a long timeThey merge

                                  into one.
 In the winter
                                   They block the wind
                                         When    they
                                         are    in a bad
                                        situation They
                                         loose part of
                                        But they always

                           come back stronger And greener