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This is Xandy!!! 

And I have three best friends anyone can have (Cookie's the creepy face in the picture of me!). I hate when people judge me for the way I look and they think that I'm some stuck up, stupid blonde (only if my life where that easy). I love my mom and my dog. DOLLY!! My favorite color is green. 



And you should check out ApplePieFlutterDashRariSparkle cuz shes 20% cooler than me haha just kidding Xandy :) But no seriously...

- Cookie :)


Also check out MysticHobo. That's Sarah who's amazing and pretty, and a Harry Potter fan... It's ok, I'll forgive you..

And there's Victoria, who just got a Witty, which is why I didn't have her on here before. Her name is Bemylady, so go check her out!

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sundrop's Favorite Quotes

I sometimes prefer being at school
then my own home.



Sometimes I think too much 

and put myself in a 

bad mood.


mom: you're all dressed up! where are you going?

daughter: the bathroom. I need a new profile picture



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I hate it when I say something funny
                                             But then someone says it louder and gets all the credit.


English Teachers
put more thought into a novel

then the author did.


Today a mean girl put on her facebook status "On the edge of a cliff." I poked her.... ;\

*Mom yells your name*
 *gets up and sees what she wants*


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and i'm not trying to be a hater...
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the fear of air

how would that work?


the fear of air swallowing

that sucks