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{caylee && christi}
[[ yeah, thats us in the picturee. christi's on the left and caylee is on the right.]]

::  We are twelve years old ::
We  are best friends.
We're wild & crazyy.
We're turning 13 this year.
We  hang  out 24/7
We have tons of insiders.
We like: music, hanging out, milkshakes,
monster, swimming, texting, sports & moree.

hope you like our quotes.




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Quotes by sunsetx3

 oh my god, 
i just thought of the greatest idea. 
uhh . . . whoops i forgot.

you know it's love when;;
`----> you look into his eyes & suddenly,
you . can't . remember. your . own . name
+Sometimes wish....
I we're a little kid again, - skinned knees
are easier to fix than b r o 
k e n h e a r t s
growin-x- u-x- sucks;;
____x not all kisses are magical, & most boys
do not live up to your expectations. but there
are times when everything, i mean love, romance,
relationships: all fall together perfectly and it's  
incredible. it's those moments, no matter how  
depressingly few & far between them, that make
growing up... . t . - - - >  xoxo.
-- thinking of you is what brings a smile to my face --
-- dreaming of you is what makes my heart race --
     -- looking into your eyes makes me fall even more --      
but simply being with you is...
What I Live For__________ Y
 True love is When;;
- - you shed a tear, & still want him.
it's when he ignores you, yet you still
love him. it's when he loves another   
girl, but you stilll smile and say, "I'm
happy for you." when all you really    
want to do is.. cry... && ... cry. - -          
i  s   c razy   r ih t .?
- - > to love someone who hurts you < - -
its crazier to think that,
someone who hurt you loves you.
I Want To  Meet A Guy ...
____x that's not afraid to talk to me.
he'll come up to me & give me a hug.
he'll look me in the eyes and tell me -
im beautiful. he likes me best with out
make-up.he always would call me just 
to hear my voice. he would always be  
himself and never show off. he would   
give mehis sweatshirt   when im cold.  
he wouldn't be afraid to kiss me infront
his friends. he would comfort me when 
im scared. he would be there for me no 
  matter what. & he loves me for me. xo.   

wanna know why ...
[[ your ice cream melts? ]]
it's not the sun
it's just i'm so hot.

Yo mama is so tall...
she tripped over a rock & hit her head on the moon.