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My name is Erica.

Photography &
Graphic Design 
are my passions.

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Quotes by sunsetxsilhouette

everyday is a day closer to meeting the one guy that's going to change your life by making you his wife... ♥

Let's smile, pretend, and hope that this year will ACTUALLY be different. 

" & I swear that there's someone out there who
ES enough to set us

I'm not searching 
for a guy with looks.
I'm just searching 
for a guy that cares.
in my heart,
you never left me. 
a shot in the dark, 
through the heart. </3

all i wanted was a happy

after countless hours
spent thinking of
 guys that never 
really mattered...
after dreaming up
thousands of
scenarios that would
never actually happen...
after searching 
time and time again
for that one guy... 
after crying , over analyzing,
and then crying some more...
I realized ...
that when the time is right...
one guy will come into my life
and make me realize
that everything eventually falls 
into place.
Society is going downhill. 
I'm tired of the rude, manipulative, superficial people 
I seem to be running into everywhere these days.
What happened to the good people? The nice people?
The people that genuinely care about others?

Also, on the radio the other day, I heard a grown 
man make this comment...
"Elephants couldn't build a society. They are just stupid animals. 
That is why we are humans."
The heck? WE are animals you idiotic lowlife.

Idiots run our radio stations. Idiots run our government.
Idiots surround us. 

We need to break this chain. We need to make our generation
the generation that actually CHANGES this messed up place.

Everyone says "you weren't dying". Guess what?
Everyone is dying. You are dying right now.
The few seconds you took to read this
are a few more seconds that you are now closer to death.
I'm dying. You're dying. He's dying. She's dying. 

We are all dying
. So enjoy your life while you can.