Status: Wow, coming back after at least four years was actually hilarious {}
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I love whichever sport is in season. 

Hi, I'm Cali. 
I'm athletic, single, and smart. Not necessarily in that order.
I play a few sports but have tried most of the sports around, except soccer which I hate.
Please chat me up. I'm usually very bored.
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me: officially declares witty dead because the top quote of the day has 11 faves
Is everyone else seeing this?
Top quote of the day.
66 faves.
I quit.
How to approximately find how involved you are as a wittian:

Multiply 365 by the number of years you have been on witty (go to your profile and look at "Joined: ...").
Divide by the number of favorites you have (rightmost column).

If this number is less than .066 then you are a involved wittian.
If it is between .066 and .5 you are moderately involved.
If it is between .5 and 1 you are somewhat involved or new. (Favorite more quotes!)
If it is above 1, then you are averaging less than 1 fave per day. Don't call yourself a wittian.

Of course, this is a very basic scale, and depending on the type of wittian you are you may comment more than fave, so this is not an exact science.

Example: Sally joined witty on July 4th, 2013. She has 809 faves. What level of involvement is Sally considered to be?
Answer: Sally has been on witty for approximately 4 months, or 4/12 of a year. The expression to find Sally's level of involvement is 365(4/12)/809. Sally's LoV is .15, so she is drunk she is somewhat involved.
Why don't rabbits' plans work?
They're just hare-brained schemes.
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My chest hurts too bad



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Everyone always talks about their long romantic walks to the fridge.
I have 20m dashes to my pantry.
Wake me up when the school year ends.
my mom told me to go outside so I'm sitting on my front porch with my laptop
If you can honestly say you've never hidden in the bathroom with your phone or laptop then you must be an only child.