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Quotes by supergirl007

Realizing that
Want U back -cher lloyd
is the other side of the story to
Taken-one direction


becuase everyone else is taken.

just when the caterpillar 

 thought the world was over 

it became a 




i cant draw but i can doodle.

can i pretty please
have 14 favs
for my 14th birthday?
famous person: hi
me: O.O
famous person: :D
me: O.O
famous person: :)
me: O.O
famous person: :|
me: O.O
famous person: :/
me: O.O
famous person: -_-
me: O.O
famous person: k.
me: O.O
famous person: bye.
me: O.O

People  who  DONT   eat  kitkat's  like  this;
-slides the papper sleve of
-runs their finger nail down the middle of the foil to open it
-breaks it into two and eats one finger after another

are WIERD.
if your a dinosaur you'll know what were saying :)


Stranger: rawrr

You: rawr rawr rawr

Stranger: rawrrr? rawr rawwr

You: rrrraaawwwrr, rawr rawr RAWR, rawr rawr?

Stranger: rawrrr!! rawr rawrrr rawrrawr :)

You: rawr, rawr, rawr rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwr :D rawr rawr rawr

Stranger: rawrrrrrrrr rawrawrrawr raaaawrrrr :PP

You: rawr rraawwrr rrraaawwwrrr rrrraaaawwwwrrrr rrrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrr

You: rawr?

Stranger: RAWWWWWWRR! rawrrr

You: rawr <3

Stranger: rawrrr :)

thesay woman laugmorthan men

but Naill Horan probaly laughs more than both put together

The akaward moment
when you have to tell someone that your being sarcastic.