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I'm just an ordinary girl :)
15 years old - the name is kate 


Quotes by Katherine *

<< Perhaps "okay" will be our "always" >>
-Augustus Waters, #tfios
"I cannot tell you how thankful I am 
for our little infinity. I wouldn't trade it for
the world. You gave me
forever within the numbered days,
and I'm grateful."
-Hazel Grace, #tfios
Life's too short to drink crappy
and cry over boys who 
don't care.
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I pray your life is sweet,
you f/cker.
Never thought a love like yours
would leave me all alone.

          Friend: Heyy:)
          Me: Hey
          Friend: So you fell in the gym today.. HAHAHA
          Me: No no no :). The floor just needed a hug.
          Friend: Ok so that's why you were crying?
          Me: It was a very emotional time.

Act like a lady,
Think like a boss


Sore or Sorry.
You Pick