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Quotes by superman2727

That one friend you put up with,
but you secretly hate.
I know you guys don't really care but...
but today's my 14th birthday!!!
Could I get 14 likes? :)
I know you guys see these all the time but,
Yesterday my cousin tried to commit suicide
He's an amazing person and shouldn't try to take his life
away, neither should anyone else.
Please pray for him
He doesn't have a witty
But I'd really appreciate it.

It's impossible
to lose a game of monopoly
and not be mad

Missing the way
that you and your best friend used to be

When a little kid

decides to hold your hand



When your friends
act like they like your siblings
More than you.

That one friend
Who you can tell doesn't like you.

You don't need to be skinny
to be beautiful.



That disappointing moment
when you don't get the color gumball you want from the machine.