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okayy... i honestly dont care much about this.. i just LOVE to write quotes sooo i thought i would share them with you guys and see what yall think... so whenn u read them, u should tell me the honest truth of what you think! :) iloveyou

Quotes by supermansmistake

beleive me sweety;
he promised me the same thing!
and forever only means untill tomorrow pretty face.
so stay strong, and keep your head up.
because his satisfaction is found in the wounds left on YOUR heart..
The Basics:
Name: shelby
Nick Name: baby bee
Age: 15

Birthday: september 14, 1993
Birthplace: Mckinney tx.
Current Location: 3rd period.
Eye Color:  like a gray blue color.
Hair Color: dirty blonde (soon to have red also)
Height: 5' 10"

Lefty or Righty:  rightyy.

Zodiac Sign:  virgo..
Drive:  somee.

Color:  red.
Number: 11
Band:  ((music period)) doesnt matter.
Music: just music.
TV Show: paris hilton's my new bff  and degrassi. 
Movie: love and basketball :)
Actor:  chad michael murry :)
Actress:  angalena jole.
Kind Of Movie: scary. love. and comedy!
Cartoon: dont watch em'
Fast Food:  pei wei.
Food :
Ice Cream:  rockey road :))
Cereal: hunny nut cherios.

Candy: mr. goodbars.

Drink:  sweet tea.
Quote: watch the movie coach carter..and you will know!

Do You:
Have Any Siblings: 1 older sister.
Have Any Pets:  dog.

Have A Job:
  nope. not untill summer.
Have A Cell Phone: of
Have Any Fears:  plentyy. ((most of all:: cotton balls)) no joke.
Have A Bedtime: not so much.
Sing In The Shower: who doesnt?!
Want To Go To College:
  yess sir.
Get Along With Your Parents: for the most part; no. but sometimes.
Have Any Tattoos:  nahh.
Swear: at times.

Ever Been In Love:  am right now.
Single: nopee :)
In A Relationship: yeahh.
Have A Crush On Someone: kindaa: but he's mine :)
Been Dumped: chyeaahh.
Dumped Someone: suree have.

This Or That:
Fruit Or Veggies: fruitt.
Black Or White: black..
Lights On Or Off: depends.

TV Or Movie: if nothing good is on tv. then movie.

Cash Or Check: cashh babyy.

Rock Or Rap: both.

Chocolate Or Vanilla:
French Toast Or French Fries: fries.
Strawberries Or Blueberries: strawberries.
Cookies Or Muffins: cookiess.

Winter Or Spring Break: spring break. of coursseee.
Hugs Or Kisses: kissess
Have You Ever:
Danced In Public: chyeahh
Smiled For No Reason: all the time.
Laughed So Hard You Cried: like seriously; everytime im with tori i do. which is basicly alllll the time.
Talked To A Stranger: hahaha;; yupp.
Partied Till The Sun Came Up:  yess ma'amm.

Gotten A Ticket: nahh. almost.
Been Arrested: nopee.
Been Convicted Of A Crime: no.
Been In A Wreck: almostt.
Been Out Of The Country: yess.

Random And Silly Junk:
Ever TP'd Someones House: haha. alott.
Egged: nahh.

How Many Laguages Do You Speak: 1 1/ somee spanish..
Who Do You Compare Yourself To: my sister.

Ever Regret Anything:  nope.
Like Being Tickled: dependss..aha
What Are Your Goals: to graduate high school. go to college on a basketball scholorship. and go beyond!

Are Your Fingers Tired: not at all.
Tired Of This Survey: not really.
Happy Now:  uhmm: i guess??
the time is now!
its finally come!
its finally time;

loving you is like taking me to the higest mountain on earth
telling me thiis is everything i CANT have 

she was the girl they never thought he would get
but when his fingers intertwind with hers;
it was a perfect fit!
she ws head overheels.
his love for her the same way.
and together forever they promised they would stay.
your it. your my one and only!
now open up your damn ocean blue eyes and save me from drowning in them
<3 he ran, she followed <3