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Does anyone else remember;;

penny from

Proud Family

"Everything will be ok in the end. If its not ok, then its not the end."



We're the kind of friends
that'd kill each other for a
handful of Doritos,
chocolate chip cookies
or grapes and in the end
we don't say sorry, we say
"Haha, too bad!"


just because.. somebody flirts with you doesn't mean they like you.

just because.. somebody likes you, doesn't mean they want to date you.

just because.. somebody wants to date you, doesn't mean they love you.

just because.. somebody loves you, doesn't mean they won't hurt you.

ust because.. because people lie. things change. boyfriends cheat. best friends leave. people leave for innocence.

And there are always going to be those people who will kill to see you fall.



without a friend is like death without a witness.




'll keep your secrets 
Each one is safe with me
I won't tell your secrets

 Just think of me as the pages in your diary.



Favorite if you remember;


Thinking about that show the other day. haha, fav please??

Life is like a 64 pack of crayons;
We all have the same colors, and endless possibilities, but in the end, everyone's picture will be different

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 Not Mine, Fav (<3)

rust is like a mirror,
you can fix it if it's broken.


you can always see the cracks in the reflection.


Not mine.. Fav Please. <3