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 not being tied down. bitches.


Quotes by susieel0vex

if your to busy to call me,
ill understand. 

 if you don't have time to check on me,

 ill understand. 
if your late on our date,

 ill  understand.

but if i stop loving you,
it will be your turn to understand.

Lovipossible after friendship,
but friendship is not possible after love. 
 h s    u t    b e c a u s e 

medicines can work before death , but not possible after death.

yohalottcrooks trynsteal your heart.
never really had luck , could never figure out , how to love.


but if you love someone,
 &      BREAK      UP

where does the love go?

iyodid noseit with your oweyes
or hear it with your own ears.
don't            invent           it        with  
your small mind & share it with your
 b    i    g                  m   o   u   t   h.
W i z   K h a l i f a. ♥

  heres youknife back,
 i finally got it out of my back, i'm sure your gonna be needing it again soon.

sometimes ; 
the things you want the most, don't happen & what you least expect happens. i don't know, you meet thousands of people & none of them touch you. & then you meet that one person & your life is changed. & when you think your about to lose them. you slowly get this pain ,  you cant describe it no matter how much you try. its like your lost in a place you knew so well.

maybe you'd better go after him ;
iyodon'wantlose him.

but the real apology is when you hear the sadness in they're voice & see the look in they're eyes. & you realize they have hurt themselves just as much.