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 not being tied down. bitches.


Quotes by susieel0vex

get off the internet,
 & gfalilove.

yeawe fight, 
buut boy, i never want to you to leave.

if i treated you, the way you treated me ;

you woulhate me.

my mouth waters for your kiss ;
you'rthonlthing i crave.
causeverybodtrietput some love on thline ;

& everybody feels a broken heart sometimes. & even when i'm scared i have to try to fly sometimes i fall. but i've seen it , done it before. i got to step outside these walls.

you know i'm stuck between ;
the person i am , the person i want to be , & the person i'm becoming. 
&    i    don't   know   what   to   do.  

i goice in mvein;
blood in my eyes , hate in my heart.
 l o v e    i n    m y   m i n d .


that akward moment..
when your watching T.V. with your parents & a condom commercial comes on..

 never say 'i love you' if you don't really care.
never talk about feelings if they arent really there.
never hold my hand, if your going to break my heart.
 never say your going to, if you don't plan to start.
never look into my eyes, if all you do is lie
never say 'hi' if you really mean 'goodbye'.

                       even barbie's jealous.
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