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 not being tied down. bitches.


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 He is now in a relationship with Your best friend

 You hate this.                                                          


 Best friend Aw I love you:)            
about an hour ago                         

 Him I love you too:)♥                   
about an hour ago                         

 You I'm so happy for you two...      
  never in a life time    

& + how cute would it be...

if he kissed you underwater?

Girl; Do you have a girlfriend?
Boy; *smiles* No, why?

Girl; Uhh- No reason. *blushes*
Boy; Honestly? Just tell me, beautiful.
Girl; *smiles* I really like you.
Boy; God, do you know how long I've been waiting for you to say that?

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Your crush is in a relationship with you.
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You have waited for this for 11 month's.

I love Jesus so much for
loving us so much that

He would die for everyone.
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to love your


This quote does not exist.

if you click add to faves you'll die instantly.

so, who's brave enough? ;) 

my lips are the gun.
my smile is the trigger.

my    k i ss e s    a r e    t h e    b u l e t s.
label me a killer.

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If your thinking of him. ♥


When I turn 18 and my parents try to get me to do something;

I'll just be like 

Dobby has no master.  
Dobby is a free elf.