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Hey im Kell
I blow out the candles on May 23

(+)Taylor Swift/ One Direction/ Hunter Hayes/Perks of Being a Wallflower/TheNotebook/The Call/AWKWARD./gymnastics/ soccer/ basketball/ sailing/ surfing/ laughing/ hanging with friends/ the carnival/summer<3

(-)People chewing with their mouth open / the feeling of velvet-y type cloth/fishing for compliments/anybody who doesn't like to have a good time

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Quotes by swagamuffintake2

sometimes it gets hard to see... so i have to turn the light onĀ 

*logs on to witty* me: uggg i haven't been on in like months *scrolls though quotes* me:wow, not a lot has changed me: urrrr i probably have soo many notifications. ill just get it over with *sighs and scrolls up* *doesn't see any new notifications * me: hmmmm, thats weird. it must be this stupid new i pad. its probably broken. *refreshes page* me: yup, no notifications . thanks guys. love you too. woww what a confidence booster. brother: kelly, who are you talking to? we are home alone.
forever available,because forever alone sounds too negative.
Mom; Kelly, your always on witty, you need to go outside and do something
Me; yeah I was just about to go on a jog
Mom; really
Me; yeah
Mom; are you sure
Me; yeah mom
Mom; ok
Me; ok, bye
*jogs to fridge*
Me; mutch better

My room is not messy; it is an obstacle course designed to keep me fit
Top ten reasons I procrastinate   

rasin cookies that look like chocolate chip cookies are the main reason why i have trust issues.






Police officers on bicycles be like, “Hop in the basket, I’m taking you to the station.”
There is something about going to water wizz that just isnt that romantic.