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Welcome Wittians, we are Swagger 9. A collab group of witty friends composed of Jaycie, Rebecca, Kylie, Lexi, Marissa, Hailey, Taylor, Lauren and Valerie. Also known as them sexy bitches with white girl swagger. ♥ We're all awkward turtles. We run with scissors, use our outside voices when we're inside, and we play basketball with the Pope on weekends. About us;

well guys, this is hannahlovesxox,and i love these girls so fucking much. i came up with this idea, because i thought itd be fun to have a witty together, we all met through some drama and honestly i can say im so glad we did, because ive realized i cant live with out these girls, im married to Marissa and we have 4 kids. lawls. and we love them with our big wittle hearts ♥ and i dont know what else to put so, "BABY YOUR A FIREWORKKK" (; bye now!

Jaycie: Hello sexy children of witty profiles (; i'm jaycie, aka jayciecutie01. I'm thirteen, single, living my awsome asssh life in Pennsylvania. Witty, fieldhockey, harry potter, art & my friends are pretty much what makes me ... Yeah, well peace out (;

Taylor: :
Hey there! Its Taylor (aka: damnntaylerx & d_i_s_a_s_t_e_r. I'm 13, My birthday is January 13, I have an amazing boyfriend, & I love my life ♥ I'll be on witty for1 year on my birthday. DOUBLE CELEBRATION oh yeah :) I'm loud & I can getvery annoyin. DEAL WITH IT C:. Well I'll finish this later. I havethingsto do. Welllll Bye loves ♥

Marissa:Hi darlings. I'm Marissa123, bro. Straight up swagger for life. I live in an igloo in Canada and I'm cold. I love these eight little muchkins, they're so hilarious and wonderful. I met some of them through the Witty drama, and I'm glad I did, because talking to them is so much fun, they're all just such a good time(; ♥ We've been through a hell of a lot of shit together in this few days of being together, and I love every one of them. ♥ well, that's what's up; PEACE♥

Hailey: Hello sexy girls reading this. I'm xoHaileyox1998 , Awkward turtle #2 . I met these amazing bitches due to a fight. Which made my life AMAZING. Other than the drama, i love these girls with all my ass. I would say heart, but my butts bigger (; . Well I'm 13 and I live in Rhode Island with Lauren down there. I love my life because of these girls and I love my wife, Lexi ! Which is below me somewhere. ANYWAYS, I hate school. I only go to see my friends. LOVE US OR DIE . OKBYE ♥

Kylie: heyy beautiful, i'm kylie(dancer7845) I met most off these bitches when they needed my help with somee fight i really had no part inn. I'm so glad it happened. These girls are my life. They are crazy....like legit. Soo I'm 14 and in eighth grade and it sucks. Well i have nothing else to say. LOVE YOU SEXY BITCHESS. BYEE  i met these girlstthh


Hey guys, it's xoHollisterrGirlyyxo. :)  I met most of these sexy bitches over a dumb fight, and now we're tighter & awkwarder than potatoes in the ground. SWAGGA 9! I'm #4, because that's my him's number for sports. LOLOLOL. I'm a stalker.  So yeah!  I'm 13, living in Rhode Island and loving my life, like a boss. Embarrassing myself is what I do best, I wuv gymnastics and I hate science. HOPE YOU LIKE OUR QUOTES. <3

Valerie: Heyy Wittians creepin.C: Wellll, my witty name is you_only_live_once_x3 .(: & im 13 years old! I live in the state of Illinois, pretty far from everyone else. :( these girls in this group are my LIFE. like when things go bad, I ALWAYS have them to turn to, no matter WHAT.<3 im not popular on witty, but these girls make me feel popular. i can be a bitch at times, but hey, isnt everyone? if you comment on my profile, i promise i will be nice.(: thank you for reading & check out our quotes! C:

Quotes by swagger9xo

Remeber this account? I do. Remember when we were all best friends? I do.. What happened?

You can loose weight for free, 
change your face for a couple grand.
But changing your personality?

i don't understand how i can have so many haters,
knowing i'm their father like my name is darth vader.


  There were tears in my eyes
when he walked away.. we had plans to get married some day. But the promises were broken before they were even made. Now I'm dancing with a broken heart, ain't no doctor who can make it start. These are the words that I'm never gonna say again. Because I've given till I've given up, one more casualty of easy love. These are the words that I'm never gonna say again.
                These are the words - James Blunt

"In the light of
Voldemort's return, we are only as
  strong as we are united, as weak as we
are divided. Lord Voldemort's gift for spreading
discord and emnity is very great. We can
fight it only by showing an eq ually strong
bond of frienship and trust. Differences
of habit and language are nothing at all if our aims are identical and

our hearts are open."
                                         - Albus Dumbledore - Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire


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