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Hi There! My name is Destiny. I'm a sophomore in High School, I'm one of those popular kids(; I love One Direction, Ed Sheeran, and Katy Perry. I sing, dance, make people laugh, eat, sleep, go to school and do it all over again. If my quotes amuse you, hit that follow button... If you wanna talk, leave me a comment. Note: I don't get on here much but, I'll try to be on as much as I can Thanks guys(:

Quotes by swaggin_destiny

it's not my fault i'm a maniac
I said, "Can I take you home with me?" She said, "Never in your wildest dreams."
I'm not saying I hate you..... I'm just saying if you got hit by a bus, I would be driving that bus.
There's always that one child that you see misbehaving and you're like, "Oh if I was their parent they wouldn't be acting like that."
sooner or later you've got to find... something, someone to find you and save you.

Adam Levine:

How did it come so fast?


That's what she said ;)

        You can stay up as late as you'd like...
All you gotta do is eat breakfast and your brain works right ;)    

Yellow soap bar,
Yellow rubber ducky.
Yellow shampoo bottle,
Yellow waters

She came along
Got him alone
And let's hear
The applause
She took
Him faster
Than you
Could say


They say
Just Grow Up

But they
Don't know

Here's To
Growing Up.