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Quotes by swagginitup96

Sh//t with me, it's not cute,
I'll lose interest

Before I  ge your name.

Reasons to stand up;
To go somewhere
Because you're the real
slim shady

If the world ended today,
Would you REALLY be pround of your self? 

Me neither. 


format credit to OneDirection

You'd commit
tryna read my mind 

What is love? Love is when one person 
knows all of your secrets...your deep-
est,darkest, most dreadful secrets
of which no one else in the world 
knows...and yet in the end, 
one person does not think
any less of you; even if the rest
of the world does.

It only takes a second to 

&& she'll tak a lifetime trying to starve herself.

Think before you act. 

not my format.

Knowing that
Someone actually gives a
Shyaboume ionof my

Favorite things in the world.

You change for two reasons
either you learn enough that you want to
or you've been hurt enough 
that you have to. 

Enjoy the best things
in your life cause you ain't gonna
get to live it twice 



                              Your life to others

You have no idea 

             Their journey is all about.  ♥

-credit to phenomenal for the format.♥  
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