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My name is Katerina and...
That's actually what you need to know... bye :)



Quotes by swaggysouani

That awkward moment when

you are actually telling the truth 
but you are laughing so everyone thinks you are lying

Eating popcorn:

80% during trailers.

20% during the movie.



Getting into a relationship
may seem tempting but so
was getting on Titanic and
look what happened there.


Yoget teary-eyewheyou yawn
because you miss your bed.



So you like bad girls huh?

Well then you'll love me because 

I'm baaeverything.


Fact:The human brain makes you see yourself as 5 times more beautiful than you really are.
Me:Well f/ck.

Perks of not having a thigh gap:
When food drops on your lap,you can catch it.

me: better check my phone for texts from friends
me: *checks phone*
me: better get some friends

Sinme tsleep, I'lsee yoin mdreames.