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My Name Is Emily

I'm just a less than
ordinary 18 year  old

I adore
the Beatles, Anything from the sixties, seventies, or eighties, Imagine Dragons, Neil Sedeka, most YouTube musicians, etc.

I am a
HUGE Comic book nerd (mostly Marvel) and I love STAR WARS, DR. WHO, Sherlock the British one! The American one is bogus!)Harry Potter , Anime (specifically Fullmetal Alchemist, I'm OBSEESED)and other things among those.

I have the biggest celebrity crush  ever on Tom Hiddleston...he's so handsome.

When I grow up, if that happens, I want to be a MicroBiologist. 
Yep...I'm a nerd.
But you know what? I'm proud of it.

Quotes by swedishfishy

he's gone

I love you

I'll see you in 2 years
I only have 10 more days,
And then he's going to leave for 2 years...

5,000 miles away from me.

What am I going to do.

*getting on Witty*
You look at Ifunny
and you look at Ifunny...
No way, you look at Ifunny too -_-
I don't really like the word "Boyfriend" I don't want to call him that! 
  It just makes me think of "dating" someone in junior high;


Instead he's my boy and I'm his girl.
And we're going to stay that way <3
after I get out of a movie:
Me: That was a great movie
Me: That actor was so hot!!
Me: That wasn't worth $8
Me: To much shakey camera

I have to Pee!!!!
Your Village Called-

They want their idiot back

Loading the dishwasher is like


...For Adults

I don't want to be an adult.

My local news reported that our snow storm was called

"Gandalf the


Day Made
One of my good friend's cousins has cancer.
She is a huge Justin Beiber fan
Last night, before his concert
He visited her in the hospital.
He kissed her cheek and told her that he'd be her boyfriend.
I'm not the biggerst Justin Beiber person,
But I've gotta say,
I've got respect for the guy