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Hello beautiful.

i'm Jessica,    14 years young,
single, & lost in this world.. <3

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Quotes by sweet425

Don' t play games

if you don't want to see a player     //////////////////////////


Who do you think you are  ?   Runnin' round leaving scars,
collecting  your  jar  of  hearts,  &  tearing  love  a p a r t..
You're gunna catch a cold,    from the ice inside your soul;
Don't  come  back  for  me..     Don't  come  back  at  all...

Who do you think you are..?


I know I'm not perfect
athe enof thday
Who is..?



-- here's to all the fall-aparts tonight,
here's to all the broken hearts tonight,
here's to all the girls and boys who lost their joy;


B u t   I   s t i l l   c r y    o v e r    y o u    e v e r y n i h t  .  .  .  


A big group of friends,       sneaking    out oF
the house,      my first kiss, late nights under

 the stars,       crying  on  my  best     friend's  

shoulder,       passing notes in class, going on
adventures, getting out of my town, campfires,
telling secrets, feeling what it's like to fall in love
for the first time,roadtrips,       driving around, 
getting lost,    endless laughter,   dance parties,

Feeling lonely, staying in, late nights studying

for that math test, waking up early,  tiredness, 

school all   day and homework all night,   being
stressed out, college applications, trapped in a
town    I hate, feeling nothing remotely close to 
love,     keeping it all bottled up, crying far too 
often, spending too much time on the internet,


Boy:What would you do if i punched u?
Girl: i would punch you back...
Boy:what would you do if i slapped u?
Girl: i would slap you back..

Boy : What would you do if i loved you?


from SixBillionSecrets. my format credit

today i kept writing i love you to him on facebook
knowing he wouldn't get any of it because
he was offline. I sent another one, without knowing he signed on.

"I Lovyou  too"


My boyfriend walked in a blizzard to see me for only a few minutes;

That's Love <3



I’m no one special, just
another wide-eyed girl who’s

desperately in love with you..