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Hey guys, its sweetestbitchxo :)

Sorry I don't have that many quotes, this is a new account. A couple things about myself, I love my family, to death. I have a besttfriend Anna, she's been my bestfriend since kindergarten <3 & If you're going to hate just get off my quotes. If anyone needs advice feel free to write me a comment :) Don't forget to follow me! I mostly write quotes about love, and break ups... since thats what Im used to </3 I also put quotes of lyrics up, if you want to know the name of a song just ask. Also, Im a die hard Justin Bieber fan. He is amazing. Never say Never<3

Love, the sweetest bitch :)


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Why  is   everyone   grabbing   me   saying   hey?  )    

 You get home from the beach, get in the shower,
& see your new tanlines :)


You should let me love you,
let me be the one to give you 
Everything you want and need.
Baby, good love and protection

make me your s e l e c t i o n
show you the way 
(loves supposed to be.)
[ you should let me love you.]

The  moment  of  pure  anger  
when you put cereal in a bowl, open the fridge, and see theres no milk...


"A real man knows what a lady wants."
-Justin Drew Bieber ♡

when your having a conversation with a boy and he throws a winky face and in your head you're just thinking "no..."


I don't have much;
but I take all I got and that's what I give, what I get in return is the money I earn and the life 
I live.

-Wiz Khalifa 

the worlds supposed to end Saturday?

Fave  i f  you  heard  that.   : /

And none for 

Gretchen Weiners//