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Hmmmmmmmmmm......somethiing about me...well names gabby short for gabrielle (but shh dnt tell any1) Age...13 and LOVIIN IIT ..statuss  Single but wanna be alone and figure myself out.....hope u guys like  my quotess not that graphiic but still (:

Quotes by sweetkiller9858

Boy:                          Babe I Love You
Friend:                      Are U mad at me
Me:                             Of Course Not! 


(even though hes my ex and i still love him)                                                                                                         
kissing test<3
 1.hold you breath
 2.click add a quote
 3.copy and past this quote
 4.good now if you did it without breathing you are a good kisser

true feelings hidden behind comforting words and a smile  
                          Props to Selena Gomez

for being one of the only Disney girl that actually came out right  

adding a couple extra letters to a word to make it look cooler :)

                                                   That akward Moment when

The boy u love is having this full blown converssation with u on what he should get his gf for there one month  

Does pretending nothing happened count as being fake ?

Who else notices that everytime u make a qote it congrudulates u on makiing the one billionth witty qote ??

Mother:   DO U THINK IM STUPID !?!?

Kid : says in head ( uhhhh YEAH ! )

Actuall answer : -.- Sigh.... No mom

I         2      1\2       6

Like if u get it ♥