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My name's Krishnee. Music is my life. I read, a lot. I get a new obsession every week. I would die without my friends & family. What else do you want to know?

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People always tell me that there are more fish in the sea.
That's nice and all, but I'm human;
I don't date fish. 

 Credit  to Whoever


-I  do  a  lot of  thinking
before  I go  to  sleep

I  play  scenes  in  my  head

I  practice  things   I  want  to  say
I  have  endless  "What ifs?"
I  make  plans  for  the  next  day
I  think  of  the  people  I  miss
I  think  of  the  people  I  hate
I  ask  myself  a  lot  of  questions

What  do  you  think  about?

7 Reasons to Date a British Boy
1. His accent
2. Having someone call you "Love"
3. His accent
4. They dress better than American boys
5. His accent
6. They're cuter than American boys

7. His accent
Dear Bank of America,
Yeah, but do you have dragons?

Sincerely, Gringotts


Please tell me I'm not alone in my obsession of Alex Pettyfer.

My first quote! I love Alex!!! Don't judge!!